Forza 7

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Forza 7

Postby GameOfThrones » May 23rd, 2018, 2:55 pm

I have been playing Forza 5 for a while to get me in the mood for 7. So I put the disc in and left it for 40 minutes. It said it needed an update. I was ok. I will leave it. So the 40 gig game goes in. I tried to start it and wow 35Gb update time. I was shocked. Plus my 50 Mb second is getting 33 Mb a second download speed. I am gonna be hear a while.

I had it in early and it is the pinnacle of the series.

2 hours later it is up and running. Superb graphics, literally top notch. Also more tracks to play on which was my criticism of the previous Forzas that they were just driving around the same tracks with better looking cars.

Best of all NO Jeremy Clarkson. That insufferable bore has vanished to Amazon and is off Forza!!!

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