Castlevania (NES)

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Castlevania (NES)

Postby Herschie » May 31st, 2018, 9:41 pm

Just picked this up for the first time, and it makes me resent my parents for not buying me these kinds of games way back when. If you have read my posts, you'd know that I had stinkers such as Bible Adventures, Touchdown Fever, and Total Recall. Oh sure, I had Zelda and Mario, but what first-world kid didn't in the late 1980s? Then again, my mother did buy me Bases Loaded, so I guess "forgiveness" is the word of the day.

Castlevania is quite fun, and I'm still figuring out the controls. The first boss was tough as nails until I figured out that I could use my special item if I press up and A at the same time. Then he was soft as butter. The music is oh-so-catchy! AGVN sure had a point when he mentioned getting knocked into pits, that even happens when you're standing still (Unlike Zelda II, The Adventures of Link)!

Also, it looks nice through my Framemeister with the scanlines. I honestly have that same feeling I would have had playing this with my friends as a kid, had I not been deprived of this. Ok, gotta run, my wife wants me to clean something. I suppose my mother would have asked the same when I was young, so I guess some things never change!


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