Troll and I (Xbox 1)

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Troll and I (Xbox 1)

Postby GameOfThrones » June 4th, 2018, 11:18 am

This is purported to be a new RPG. You get to play as guess what? Yep a little boy!!! Also, a troll.

There is a fmv back story with someone who looks like Lara Croft's father asking another person to seek out the troll. So you think you are going to be the person seeking out the troll like that awful evolve game. (Evolve, 3 people against a monster online). Then it switched to a fablesque scene where you need to collect food for the family.

You got out to the woods and spear some boars. Which is good fun. You get back and the village is in ruins and afire. Another very Fable feeling start. Though it is like most RPGs you need to set the character on the road to a quest.

Next up you get attacked by goblins which is odd as it mixes modern style with fables. Then the troll comes to the rescue.

What you get with this game is a mixture of styles, a bit of tomb raider, a bit of rampage and a RPG.

I had only heard bad things about this game but for £5 off Amazon I thought that I could not go wrong. The game itself is not a triple A title. You would give it more a 6 or 7 on playing it. Graphics are last gen and look like an average ps3 title. Good but nothing to write home about.

So maybe a game for Da Hect but probably not a PTD type of RPG.

Also I hear it has a split screen local co op on it. So it might be a the type of game the Critic would play with a pal. More on it as I progress.

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Re: Troll and I (Xbox 1)

Postby GameOfThrones » June 11th, 2018, 7:02 am

I hear online people are saying that it is the worst switch game ever released. The game is so buggy it keeps crashing.
Well, the Xbox one version is a joke. When I logged in for the first there was a 2.3 Gig update. This is for an indie title with duff graphics. So I decided they had fixed the holes in the game. Naaaaaaaaaah wrong.

So I just got through the confusing caves section of the game and am now on the troll traps section. My character keeps getting stuck in the scenery.

Though there is a good thing. I know you are wondering what that is.... at least it is not online only like Elder Scrolls online. I can never get a game of that one as the servers are always busy!!! Online only games suck.

After reloading the check point 5 times i got through that part of the level. What you really notice is how drab the game looks. It is like an early ps3 game.

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Re: Troll and I (Xbox 1) Do not buy

Postby GameOfThrones » June 11th, 2018, 7:40 pm

I have finally found it. The most boring game that I have bought. Okay there were Z heroes and Deer god but they were free.

This is a game where everything is designed badly. It feels like the game should have been released on Playstation 2. Then I would just be saying that it is bad. For an Xbox game it is unforgivably boring. You do the same things over and over.

It saves the game automatically every 30 minutes or so. So you have to repeat certain sections over and over again. Playing it feels like a chore. As this is a full priced Switch game as well I would urge anyone reading this to stay well clear of this game. I got it for 5 bucks and it was not worth it.

The voice acting consists of the Otto character saying to the troll you stink.

Considering he owes his life to the troll I feel that it is not a nice thing to say. You cannot turn his quips off. The game is a journey for reasons unknown. Or it is get the troll to safety for some unknown reason.

You fight the troll hunters and that is not as much fun as it sounds. Also you fight every goblins that come out of the ground but by throwing a well placed rock into their opening you can close it. That is the most fun in the game. The rest of the time as otto you try stealth and the see you every time.

For the first time in a long time I came to the point where I thought that is it!!! I deleted the game from my hard drive.

It is hard to see me coming back to this one. F

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