Link's Crossbow Training (Wii)

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Link's Crossbow Training (Wii)

Postby Herschie » September 9th, 2018, 1:01 am

I remember back in 2007 when I first picked up this game it sat unopened for about a week. I was just too busy with other things, but my friends kept asking how the game was. Finally one night I decided to pop it in before my friend came to pick me up to head out to the club.

That turned out to be a bad move because I had a hard time putting this game down! Based entirely off of Twilight Princess, you basically shoot them using an accessory called the Wii Zapper to aim. I'll never forget how much fun I had with it, and I especially liked the surround sound and being able to hear things like a waterfall sound like it's behind me. It especially got fun once I learned about multipliers, meaning that when you hit an target or an enemy, you'd get those points multiplied by however many consecutive hits you had. This means that one miss can completely wreck your score, especially if it's towards the end. Locations include places like Arbiter's Ground, Ordon Village, Zora's Domain, and many others. You have stages that are target practice, and others where you have to defend something. Still others are called Ranger stages, where you move Link around with the nunchuck to chase down Ganondorf's minions.

But easy come, easy go. As addicted as I was to this game, that quickly faded. I still play it every now and then, as it is a neat little title, but I usually get bored after about fifteen minutes or so. I think I finally did make it to the bar that first night a little before midnight.

The Zapper. I remember thinking that they gave us these cheap plastic things. Nowadays you get cardboard. Next thing Nintendo will be making accessories out of tinfoil!




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Re: Link's Crossbow Training (Wii)

Postby Voor » November 5th, 2018, 8:56 pm

Cool. I’m actually thinking of tracking down a copy to try out. I watched someone play Duck Hunt today and it brought back fun light gun memories.

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