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Metal Slug 2

Posted: July 9th, 2019, 2:11 pm
by jon
I was about to post this and how awesome the Neo Geo is. I guess I got beaten lol. This game is unbelievable. The graphics are so bright and sunny and the amount of mayhem on screen at once is unbelievable. It certainly smokes the other 16 bitters let’s not even get started. I’m convinced that is somehow they could have had the Neo Geo reasonably priced, it would’ve been more popular than the SNES and Genesis. I’ve read that ACA has sold millions of games at $8 a pop. It shows there’s a market for these games. This is the GOAT console ever. I just got to the end boss on one life (easy mode of course) and got hit by a flying saucer lol. Still I’m 1 ccing these things