KartKraft (PC)

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KartKraft (PC)

Postby Buttermancan » August 29th, 2019, 6:52 am

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Last year I played the Go-Kart mode in Gran Turismo (in VR also) and enjoyed it much more than driving the standard race cars. Following this I looked for a Kart game during the Steam summer sales and discovered KartKraft. It's still in Early Access (something I usually avoid) but already an exciting racing game. It's exhilirating racing around the tracks so close to the ground in the first person perspective mode.
The Current state of development allows you to race against A.I drivers, race against yourself for the best lap times and take yourself online to compete against people around the world. You can play in VR and the game also recognises many different steering wheels ( I played with a Xbox 360 pad).
KartKraft's handling is more sim based than arcade due to the developers stride for realism. I always thought real life Karting felt a bit like an arcade game anyway so I'm in favour of this approach.

Worth mentioning are the bugs present in the current version of the game. Frame skipping and screen tearing are common when there are multiple karts on screen. I'd recommend keeping an eye on your PC temperatures as my cpu and graphics card got quite hot for a game that shouldn't be too taxing to run.

Bugs aside, KartKraft is a very promising title that has the potential to be the first realistic videogame representation of Go-Karting. Whilst I'm not a fan of the "Early Access" business model, KartKraft already offers a decent experience with lots of positive fan feedback.

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