Final Fantasy X (again)

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Re: Final Fantasy X (again)

Postby DrLitch » November 2nd, 2019, 9:21 pm

Matchstick wrote:I meant that I had lost points on improper formatting, APA vs. MLA and whatnot. My sources were valid and quoted properly, but I lost points on the bibliography for not having dates in parentheses, or not having certain words written in italics.

Got it. Bibliography - I made that crap up. Me to advisor: "Yes sir I certainly did read those papers" :roll:

Matchstick wrote:I did have a massive 28-page research paper I wrote years ago concerning the origins of Japanese woodblock prints and the medium's application to modern media and advertising. I turned in my rough draft and got a D. The professor circled my opening thesis statement and noted that it just didn't jibe with the rest of my body of text. She simply circled the statement, then wrote to the side, "Needs work. Fix it." I rewrote the thesis statement - one sentence, mind you - and made some other slight formatting corrections to the piece. Submitted that work as my final draft, and got an A.

I am sure glad I do not work in your field. That would drive me crazy, particularly when I am the sort of fellow that believes substance should rule over style. 28 pages? Rather you did that than me in this regard, too much hard work . Lucky for me, a journal publication is a dozen pages or so, 20% diagrams or results, 70% mathematical derivations, 10% for general blurb - "my paper is better than this .. cite ... because... see Fig. 2 ....". Takes about three months from concept to proof of concept to journal paper first draft. I have it easy in comparison. 28 pages of carefully cited research and discussion? No thank you sir. I am out.

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