World Series Baseball 95 on Genesis

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World Series Baseball 95 on Genesis

Postby Breaker » March 26th, 2020, 1:07 pm

It's opening day, so I pulled out an oldie and had some fun. The Rangers lineup in this game is ridiculous. Juan Gone, Jose Canseco, Dean Palmer, Pudge Rodriguez, Will Clark, Rusty Greer...

The major drawback is the speed of the homerun trot. Sure, it's fun to fist pump or point at the pitcher, or cartwheel while rounding the bases, but to be able to cartwheel about 5 times between each base is a little bit much. Especially when you hit 7 or 8 homeruns every game when playing "simulation" style - guess it really was 'roids!

I did a 13 game season, so I should be in the playoffs by this evening if I don't get bored. Then maybe I'll do another season, but draft my team rather than play with the set MLB rosters.

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Re: World Series Baseball 95 on Genesis

Postby Herschie » January 13th, 2021, 1:17 pm

This is a game that really could have used a "quick counts" or "quick manage" feature to speed the game up a bit. Otherwise it's a great game.

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Re: World Series Baseball 95 on Genesis

Postby Teddybear » January 13th, 2021, 2:11 pm

Kind of random that this popped up......I am currently playing a full 162 game season of World Series '98 on my Genesis. I haven't done this since the mid 1990s and it has been on my bucket list to do again. As fate has it, I have some time to hopefully see this through.

Using the Tigers, I'm currently 10-11 (a couple of times I somehow mistakenly selected the CPU to play my game and they lost). I start mostly bench players (no Tony Clark or Bobby Higginson) to try to handicap myself and truth be is working. Guys like Joey Reed and Matt Walbeck just don't hit home runs on demand - who knew? The pitching interface has always been the quality feature of these games and I enjoy trying to throw complete games. And so far Devi Cruz leads the league in batting average at a nice .457 clip.

A couple of comments - questions:

1. I am amazed the battery back-up feature is still saving my current season. It seems that Sega-branded sports and my Sega Tecmo Bowl games still have functional batteries. This certainly isn't the case with nearly ALL my EA games. Did EA use inferior quality batteries in their cartridges?

2. I am playing the season in simulation mode, pitching at all-star level and batting at rookie. Does anyone ever use the all-star batting level? I always found it to be too difficult (trying to meet that little hash mark when swinging)

3. Love seeing several long-since demolished major league stadiums in this game. Comerica Park is nice, but give me Tiger Stadium back please.

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