Doom (1993) and Doom (2016)

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Doom (1993) and Doom (2016)

Postby Retro STrife » April 12th, 2020, 2:58 am

The past couple weeks I've been playing the original Doom and the 2016 reboot, both on the PS4. (Both are also available on Switch and Xbox One.) I hadn't planned to play either any time soon, but I was scanning the PS Store and saw the original Doom for $2.99. I figured at this price, I might as well. Then I was having such a blast that I pulled the 2016 reboot off my shelf and started playing that too. Here's my quick thoughts:

DOOM (1993)

Doom blew me away when I played it on PC in the mid-90s, but I've barely ever played it since then. Over the years, I've played a level or two of the old console ports that I've picked up, but I've never been impressed enough to stick with it. So I've always figured Doom was washed up - a landmark game, but one that just didn't hold up by today's standards. Boy was I wrong. Playing it again on the PS4 has changed my mind. The level design just amazes me and it's a blast to play. Doom is a timeless classic and a nice throwback to a simpler era of FPS games. And this re-release just might be the definitive version. It looks great, you can save at any time, and it has local 4-player co-op and deathmatch. As arguably the most important FPS ever, it's one of those games you have to try. And with this digital game selling for $5 or less on all modern systems, this is probably the best way to do it.

DOOM (2016)

Doom got rebooted in 2016 and released on all modern consoles. It wasn't a game I had any interest in upon release, until I read the VGC's glowing review. That inspired me to buy the game, but it's sat on my shelf for awhile. After loving the original on PS4, I decided it was time to see how the 2016 game compared. I played a few hours of the single-player campaign and I think the Critic's review is a perfect description of the game. It's run-and-gun action the whole way, just like the original Doom.. but modernized to fit today's FPS standards. It's like Halo in Doom's skin. Then again, so much is different in the reboot, that somehow it doesn't really feel like Doom anymore either. Despite some bursts of fun, I feel like the game is going to get pretty monotonous as the formula is just rinse-wash-repeat, so I'm not really motivated to keep playing it.

Two notes not mentioned in the VGC review: First, in each level, you can find a secret area that unlocks Classic Maps. These Classic Maps are classic levels from the original Doom and Doom II, which you can play for fun. Each classic map looks and plays like it did back in the day, but the weapons and enemies have been changed to look modern. Second, the game also has some fun online competitive multiplayer. Do you miss the old fragfest style deathmatches of the '90s, like Quake? Then Doom might be for you. I felt like I was playing a modernized version of Quake III Arena as I played team deathmatch in Doom, as everyone ran around with rocket launchers blowing each other up. Doom (2016) is cheap these days on the PS4 and Xbox One ($10 or less in physical or digital form); but it's still selling for $50+ on the Switch. It's not a must-play game like the original, but it's definitely worth playing for anyone interested in the series, especially at the cheaper price.

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