Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

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Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

Postby Retrology » July 5th, 2020, 6:42 pm

Decided to play this game for the first time ever (and the first Final Fantasy game I've ever played) since I love Chrono Trigger so much. Did not expect the game to be this good though. Bit early in the game but it's a lot of fun to play through. At first I was annoyed by the constant enemy spawning, but then I realized it helps prevent a lot of grinding you usually have to do in most RPGs, plus the battles themselves aren't too hard.

Speaking of battles, they aren't easy either, but there's a balance between challenge and fun, especially since you get a boatload of characters and scenarios to play as! And thankfully the save states are reasonably spaced from what I've seen. Some complaints include Gau being annoying to use and many items you need being a little too expensive, but these aren't severe enough to deter from the fun.

Exploring and finding hidden areas is great stuff, but maybe the game's biggest strength is the story. Without spoiling anything for those who have yet to play this, it can actually get pretty brutal at times, even for those who typically don't tear up at video games (not that I would ever....ahem). It really helps get you invested in the game, and there's a nice combination of drama and humor throughout the game's script.

Of course, the graphics are great, the soundtrack is memorable, the overall atmosphere of the game is mysterious and sensational, I love the innovative battle system, and there are certain parts of the game you can choose to play in any order you wish. So far so good!

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