Baseball Simulator 1000 (NES)

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Baseball Simulator 1000 (NES)

Postby lynchie137 » December 2nd, 2020, 10:41 pm

Been playing this one a lot the last couple weeks. I'm finding the gameplay to be relatively solid if not spectacular. But what impresses me the most about this game is the sheer amount of depth to it. Not only do you have the regular mode and the Ultra mode, you also have full stats for all teams and players. Why, you can even customize your leagues and choose how long you want your season to be. Myself, I find a 60 game season to be ideal. There's really a lot going on in this one, and imho is the second best baseball game on the NES with Baseball Stars being the absolute best.

Oh, and the box art is really, really cool as well.

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Re: Baseball Simulator 1000 (NES)

Postby Tron » December 17th, 2020, 10:41 pm

I think I played the SNES version first so going back to the NES version didn’t do it for me.

Second to Baseball Stars ehhh? No argument on Baseball Stars being first, but Simulator as second....hmmm, not so sure. Dusty Diamonds Softball maybe. I’m also partial to Little League, however, gameplay wise it’s a lot like Baseball Stars without the cool options. I’m thinking maybe Roger Clemens would fit somewhere around being the 4th or 5th best NES baseball game.

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