Chasm and Ghost of Tsushima

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Chasm and Ghost of Tsushima

Postby newmodelarmy » December 24th, 2020, 12:09 pm

I bought Chasm last week on sale for $7.50 and could not put it down. Beat it this morning. I would characterize it as a metrovania "light" game, meaning that it is not as in depth as Hollow Knight or other games in that tier. That being said, I had a heck of a lot of fun with it and would highly recommend it.

I also bought Ghost of Tsushima and am a few hours in. Wow! VGC needs to check out this game. The graphics and story are amazing and I love the story. Very polished game and looking forward to diving deeper into it. I have some time off work this week (finally) so I know what I will be doing over the break.

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