Shadowman Remastered (PC/PS4/Xbox/Switch)

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Shadowman Remastered (PC/PS4/Xbox/Switch)

Postby DrLitch » December 16th, 2021, 8:15 pm


Playing it on PC courtesy of Great Old Games ( It is $15 on sale.

From what I have read all ports on all systems run pretty much identically if you would rather play on console. No physical media so for those of you that want to experience this game with a physical copy in mind, the Dreamcast version would be the natural next best option.

For those of you that experienced Shadowman back in the late 90's (probably on N64 or Dreamcast) this remastered version is exactly what it is - a remaster and a fairly low budget one at that. The game is similar to the Dreamcast version save for a significant resolution bump from 480i to 1080p/1440p/4K along with some redone textures and effects to polish up the visuals. While it sounds underwhelming that this is not a remake, Shadowman is not a game that has dated tremendously given it is, after all, a 3D Metroidvania. If you already own the original on N64 or Dreamcast for $15 this is not an expensive way of getting a nice little visual upgrade and to give you an excuse to enjoy another 40/50 hour run. For $15, it is cheap entertainment.

If you have never experienced Shadowman, this is a cult classic 1990's game that only got a fairly modest critic reception - partially due to the most popular console at the time, the PS1, receiving a port so unbelievably lousy that this game did not gain the traction over there. This is a 3D Metroidvania in the strictest sense, with great (for the time) visuals and an amazing morbid atmosphere. This game intersects the Horror genre with elements of puzzle solving - playing somewhat like an early Tomb Raider less the tank controls. The remaster is not going to blow you away on the graphics front, if you are going to look at this through the lens of contemporary graphics, this will look like an early PS2 game with sharper visuals. For those of us who experienced the game at 480x360 on the N64 or Dreamcast, it will be easier to appreciate the simple, albeit pleasing visual upgrade.

For my money, Shadowman is one of the greatest games ever made. While nostalgic feelings befuddle the senses, I genuinely believe an amazing gaming experience lurks for one that lightens their pockets by S15. I am 8 hours in, and it will be another 30 or 40 before I wrap this thing up. The humor is great as well and the game developers are sick twisted f**ks. I love it.

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