BallBlazer (Famicom/NES) & Fractalus 1.0.0 (Linux/Mac/PC/VR)

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Re: BallBlazer (Famicom/NES) & Fractalus 1.0.0 (Linux/Mac/PC/VR)

Postby Matchstick » August 3rd, 2022, 12:30 am

mbd36 wrote:I always thought the Famicom version of Ballblazer took place on a single screen because of that screenshot.

Funny thing is, I chose that particular screenshot because I wanted a picture that represented one of the unique qualities of the Nintendo version of the game. To my knowledge, other versions of BallBlazer either didn't have an intro, or had an entirely different one. Personally, I like the Nintendo intro quite a bit!

People online can be so critical. I don't mean you guys, but when I was comparing BallBlazer versions, there seemed to be so much negativity regarding the Nintendo port. To me, the only thing that really stands out is the music. While it's still the same great "free-form" version of the song, it sounds a bit smoother and more subdued than the Atari 8-bit versions. Those renditions were pretty heavy and crunchy - and I adore them.

Some people seem pretty quick to dismiss the Nintendo BallBlazer, but to me, it's still the same great game. The gameplay is just as intense as it's always been, and it controls like a dream. And I absolutely feel that it's some of the best two-player head-to-head action to be had on the NES. I hope you get to try it, mbd36.

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