Rocky and Baseball for Colecovision

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Rocky and Baseball for Colecovision

Postby TedE.Bear » October 15th, 2011, 6:32 am

For under $15 I bought these games and one Super Action controller.  I've read all the bad reviews about how truly awful they are.  I just had to see for myself.  And all I can say is "Wow".......

My belated condolences to anyone for paid $60 for these things back in 1983.  Utter and complete garbage!  I remember seeing the tantalizing screen photos and being jealous (Intellivision Baseball looked primitive in comparison).  Colecovision owners back then should have demanded their cash back!  Or at least received a free Cabbage Patch Doll as a customer relations gesture.

It is a shame.  Rocky could have been a good game.  Graphically, it is beautiful.  Even the massive controller with the buttons could have been ideal for a boxing game.  With Baseball, all I could do was the one-player practice drills.  And that was more than enough to bare.  I couldn't imagine playing a 9 inning game.

The VGC reviewed these two perfectly.  I was "Now Playing" these games for about an hour or so yesterday.  Another couple of old games are now scratched off my "bucket list". 


Rocky and Baseball for Colecovision

Postby tariz » November 2nd, 2011, 6:54 am

I totally agree with you  what concerns Rocky. I bought it for a couple of euros (maybe $ 7,00). The title screen is promissing but the gameplay sucks and you can't hardly guide your boxer and the punches that hit your opponent seem to be based on coincidence. Boxing on the Atari 2600 is more fun!!

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