Read anything good lately?

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Re: Read anything good lately?

Postby MSR1701 » July 27th, 2021, 11:19 am

DaHeckIzDat wrote:
MSR1701 wrote:
DaHeckIzDat wrote:I've got Lord of Chaos sitting on my desk waiting to be read right now! Can't wait for the show.

LOL! That's the volume I'm on, just started reading it a few days ago...

People tell me that the books get really slow and boring by the middle of the series. While its usually against my policy to force myself to read books I don't like because the series gets better "later" I'm making an exception for WoT because the last few books were written by Brandon Sanderson.

If you want to get me to do something, don't offer me a Klondike Bar. Promise me a new Brandon Sanderson book.

Truthfully, I have been slow to finishing each book, though it is due to trying to read the series while working 10-11+ hour days for the last yea-many months. I'm very frustrated that I lost track of a character in one area of the story, only realizing why I forgot about her - she was in a part of the story the series hadn't focused on in a while, and it had been literal WEEKS since I had ready any significant portion of the books due to exhaustion. Heck, I've barely had time to play any games other than a few quick goes at the Evercade and Blaster Master Zero on the Swtich.

The Wheel of Time books, such as I've read them thus far (up to Lords of Chaos is Book 6, I have NOT read the Prequel yet, as I usually read a new series in Published order if I can help it) has been very good. Book 1 did seem to take a while at parts, but in hind sight it was the mood of the story coupled with a VERY busy spell at work that may have affected my reading of that portion. The book got very good and interesting as it went, and by Book 2 I was very interested in the goings-on.

I'm not usually one for a "it get's better yea-so-many Volumes/Hours later" in books and Games (one of the MANY reasons I refuse to ever touch Final Fantasy XIII again), but between my Dad's excitement that I have seen over the years (I still remember him reading the books in the early 90s while installing whatever the latest versions of Windows was onto our home computer and enjoying the series), and reading through this series that he has wanted to discuss with me from one fan to another is one of the things I look forward to doing; though he is going nuts as I refuse spoilers, wanting to savor the story and what I think will happen.

Also, Timothy Zahn does have the Thrawn Prequel Trilogy coming to a close soon, and if you are a fan of Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novels, I would suggest the Thrawn Trilogy and Thrawn Prequel Trilogies; just know that watching Star Wars Rebels Season 3 and 4 are almost required to NOT be confused...)


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Re: Read anything good lately?

Postby matmico399 » July 27th, 2021, 5:08 pm

I have never been a connoisseur of fiction. Most of what I have read most of my life is nonfiction. However I read Stephen King's sequel to The Shining. I enjoyed it so much just recently I picked up his IT. When I looked at it I was like oh my gosh almost 1,300 pages. But it was well worth it. The story is just amazing and of course is so much broader than the movies. It's an investment but well worth it.

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