Amazon Prime Presents - The Wheel of Time Mini-Series

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Amazon Prime Presents - The Wheel of Time Mini-Series

Postby MSR1701 » November 24th, 2021, 8:51 am

Oh my, my Dad and I tried to watch the first episode, and couldn't get ten minutes in. SO MANY changes were made to the character's (Perrin is already married, Mat's father is a womanizer and has family troubles, one isolated village in Nowhere has more racial diversity than the city of Atlanta, etc.). Ignoring small detail errors (Perrin's beard, Mat already being a gambler, etc.), some changes alter the story significantly (Perrin being married already is a HUGE change to anyone who read the books).

My dad joked that if someone liked the series and then read the books, they would ask what the series was based on...

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Re: Amazon Prime Presents - The Wheel of Time Mini-Series

Postby BlasteroidAli » November 28th, 2021, 2:21 pm

Luckily for me I have not read the books. I agree with the diversity angle but it is 21st century TV. They have watched Nu Who and are following suit. That said it is a fun romp. Very low brow and I think it is aimed at the teen market. I am up to Ep 4.

I do like that you and your dad were watching it. My Step dad and I were discussing it. He said it was awful and he had not even read the books. I thought it was atrocious when i watched the first 3. Though I like Hawk the slayer and it is just rubbish but in a great way. I liked Ator the fighting eagle which is was awful as well. I know I am going back a bit. Think both were made before Robert Jordan's books were a thing but I love fantasy.

Watching ep 4 made me realise I can just watch it as brain dead fantasy. I might get around to reading a couple of the books next year to see what I have been missing.

I watched the movie ready player one and thought it was okay. I read the book, which is a masterpiece for gamers. Then I rewatched the movie. It was truly dreadful. So I feel I might feel the same way with the Wheel of Time.

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