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Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: October 14th, 2016, 11:13 am
by scotland
velcrozombie wrote: her psychiatrist husband decides to take her into a cabin in the forest so that she can confront the things inside of herself that she's most afraid of ...

Lonely cabin in the forest....never a good idea. May as well decide on a night out at the wax museum...

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: October 14th, 2016, 1:03 pm
by velcrozombie
scotland wrote:
velcrozombie wrote: her psychiatrist husband decides to take her into a cabin in the forest so that she can confront the things inside of herself that she's most afraid of ...

Lonely cabin in the forest....never a good idea. May as well decide on a night out at the wax museum...

There's a pertinent reason, I swear! This isn't Evil Dead "let's go up to this creepy cabin" stuff, although there's nothing wrong with that either.

Also, if it's not already clear: not a good date movie! Von Trier has maybe the single most pessimistic view on the relationship between the sexes I've ever seen.

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: October 15th, 2016, 9:13 am
by VideoGameCritic
Did anybody talk about the move The Witch yet? Saw it last night and it was very scary. There are a lot of disturbing and unexpected things in that movie! Great for Halloween. Might want to turn on the subtitles though - they talk in Old English.

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: October 22nd, 2016, 1:04 pm
by velcrozombie
My cousin and I saw a sneak preview of the new Rob Zombie movie 31 a little over a month ago. Previous to this I'd seen three of Zombie's other movies (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto); of those, the only one I'd consider a genuinely good movie is The Devils Rejects, although House has its moments and El Superbeasto has some nice Ren and Stimpy-style animation. Sadly, 31 continues this trend. It's a mix of the setup and gritty, dirty atmosphere of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with another retelling of The Most Dangerous Game, as a group of traveling carnival workers are abducted by a shadowy cabal of aristocrats dressed in 1700s royal garb who bet on their survival as they are stalked through an abandoned factory by a melange of colorful freaks over the course of 12 hours. Zombie does some interesting things with the camera to show us the layout of the environments and their are some stylish moments, but much of the movie turns into a bunch of poorly-established characters swinging improvised weapons at each other while screaming profanities under flickering lighting. The movie does get a significant boost in its second half courtesy of an unhinged, screen-chewing performance by Richard Brake as the demented Doom-Head, but the movie proceeds to squander its newfound energy and end with a bit of a whimper.

Despite all of that, my cousin and I still had a pretty good time - the movie has some cheap thrills, a few very funny moments, some quotable lines (mostly from the aforementioned Doom-Head) and one very memorable performance. Also, the limited time frame and stakes (who will survive the 12 hours?) gave the movie a sense of momentum and purpose even during its sometimes clumsy and messy storytelling. My cousin put it best when talking to his wife: "It wasn't a good movie, but it was an entertaining movie".

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: October 27th, 2016, 6:05 am
by velcrozombie
You're Next - Wow...I heard this was a fun movie but it blew my expectations away. It really does feel like an update to the Scream franchise but with all the cheesy melodrama of that series stripped away and the gore, suspense and claustrophobia ratcheted up. It also has what might be my favorite "final girl" ever, a character who actually does what the audience always screams at the ersatz meatbags onscreen in these movies to do five seconds before they get an ax in their head. Starts slow but picks up speed around the 25-minute mark and continues sprinting till the end.

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: October 30th, 2016, 3:35 am
by Cory
Just wanted to mention a few movies that have not been mentioned that deserve a look-see.
Trick-r-Treat - My wife (partner?) and I watch it every Halloween.
Tourist Trap - Late 70's horror film that is very under-rated.
Shaun of the Dead - Truly the greatest comedy/horror movie of all time.

I would also like to add my least favorite "horror" film.
The Blair Witch Project - Not scary, and one of the few movies that might make you ill do to the silly camera shaking at all times.

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: November 13th, 2016, 11:54 pm
by Rev
I've watched several horror films lately:

Ouija: Origins of Evil- And the reward to best horror sequel goes to this title... The first movie is horrid and this movie was significantly better. Once I found out that the director behind Oculus worked on this film, I had to see it (love that movie). Not scary but has some tense moments. I really enjoyed it.

The Wailing (Korean horror film)- I watched this tonight. Excellent film and had me hooked the entire time. This might be the best horror film of 2016. The movie starts off a bit funny but gets very tense throughout the film. This movie is long though... 2.5 hours... Still, very good watch. It's also the type of movie you will want to read about afterwards so if that is something you enjoy doing, this is a good "thinker".

Lights Out- This came out recently on DVD/Blu Ray so I picked it up. This movie didn't do anything new but was a good standard horror film. Pretty tense at parts.

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: January 22nd, 2017, 7:10 pm
by Rev
There have been some awesome horror movies that have come out this year. Here are a few (mostly horror) good ones that I've seen:

Train to Busan- This foreign zombie movie is probably the best zombie movie I've seen since the zombie-not-zombie 28 Days Later. I watched this a couple months ago and picked it up again when it came out on Blu Ray last week. Probably the best horror movie of this year. Loved it!

Under the Shadow- This horror film reminded me a lot of The Babadook, set during the fallout of the Iran-Iraq war, the two characters are a mother and daughter as they deal with a Djinn that is haunting them. The Djinn is a supernatural monster that will follow those that it takes a possession from (the daughter's doll) and ends up taking the daughter's doll. Afterwards, the Djinn works on stealing the daughter away from the mother and both must deal with this unseen horror. Great film, really enjoyed it. This is a very slow burning horror film and isn't really scary but tension definitely builds throughout the film. This was a great watch.

The Host- I was heavily disappointed with this monster movie. I've seen nothing but praise for it yet I found it average at best. Basically, some scientists throw a bunch of chemicals in the river which causes the fish to become mutated. One fish gets some super mutation and starts terrorizing the town and steals a man's daughter. The family then goes to try and find her. This turned out a bit more humorous then I thought but I didn't find the father very enjoyable as he played an idiot. Still, it wasn't a bad monster movie, just seemed overrated.

Clown- this was a terrible movie... Man turns into an evil clown once he wears the costume... Poorly acted and the characters were awful.

The Wailing- An excellent, although very long, horror movie about this evil presence that is haunting a village. The presence possesses the man's daughter and has some crazy twists and turns throughout the film. Very good movie that encourages a lot of discussion once you've seen it. I really liked it but it is long... Clocking in over 2.5 hours...

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: January 25th, 2017, 7:02 am
by Teddybear
Had a 24-hour stomach virus-thingy yesterday and called in sick to work....I took advantage by watching a few movies recommended here.

The Wailing - way, way too long. An hour could have been easily shaved off without affecting the movie. This was an alright movie and the last 10 minutes are intense as the demon reveals itself. I won't lie - I did check Wikipedeia and IMDB afterwards as I wasn't totally certain of the shaman's role in the scheme of things.

Train to Busan - now this was a winner! As mentioned, an excellent 28 Days Later type of zombie movie. As much as I enjoy The Walking Dead and George Romero slow-moving zombie fare when the dead move just as fast as you it adds an additional layer of really would all be over in that case. The real star of Train is the captivating little girl - just wait until she completes her song! My eyes got a little misty, truth be told.

It really helps that I watch all my TV with closed-captioning (except sports) so I wasn't bothered at all with the English subtitles.

Re: The Horror Movie Lovers Thread

Posted: February 26th, 2017, 1:16 pm
by Rev
Watched several horror movies in theaters lately:

Resident Evil The Final Chapter-

I knew this was going to be terrible before even going to theaters but I was still sort of fun experience. I've seen all the other ones so I went in there hoping it would be so bad it's good. I really liked the 5th movies because of that... I hated the huge plot holes this movie created and the fact that the last movie built up to an epic shodown in Washington, but this one starts after that and basically said that Alice was betrayed and that everyone else was dead... but it doesn't show anything. Felt like a huge cop out... This was probably one of my least favorite in the whole series, besides #4 which not only was bad but incredibly boring.


Wow, this was pretty darn good. M. Night shyamalan made a good movie... There was some weird moments here and there but overall this was one of his best movies and good all around. There is a reason this movie is still selling tickets in theaters, it's a good movie. My only critique is I wish the characters actually spoke like normal people. M Night shyamalan has this weird, poetic, way of making all his characters talk (especially in his newer movies) which doesn't come across as genuine. Still, if you get through that is is a solid movie.

Get Out-

Best horror movie of 2017 thus far. It still has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with like 130+ reviews. This movie is hilarious but also suspenseful and eerie. I wouldn't call the movie scary but it does very well on making the viewer uncomfortable. Loved it.