Instrumental Music?

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Re: Instrumental Music?

Postby Retrology » June 20th, 2016, 4:11 am

Bands like My Bloody Valentine (whose album Loveless I read influenced Earthbound), Deftones, and Mr Bungle have extremely incomprehensible lyrics, which makes them all the better. It just adds to the mystique.

I think jon hit the nail on the head about much music reaching its ceiling in terms of pure innovation today. I do still think it is possible that we have not run out of ideas and tricks in music.

As an instrumental composer myself, I like taking influence from minimalist music, video game music, alternative music, classical, and experimental. I really enjoy being creative, and I feel instrumental stuff offers a lot of innovation many lyric oriented artists lack. It's refreshing doing that after listening to many lyric oriented groups.

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