Songs That Moved You?

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Songs That Moved You?

Postby Retrology » January 24th, 2017, 5:49 pm

Building on the "beautiful songs during your childhood thread", what songs affected you in any emotive way (whether it be happy, sad, angry, or just touching)?

Here's my extensive list.

Rotten Apple-Alice in Chains
#19-Aphex Twin (Maybe the most beautiful song ever written)
Sprawl 1: Flatland-Arcade Fire
Blood Bank-Bon Iver
Drive-The Cars
I Still Do-Cranberries
Blasphemous Rumors-Depeche Mode
Between the Bars-Elliot Smith
Drops in the River-Fleet Foxes
Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley
Corpus Christi Carol-Jeff Buckley
Unfinished Sympathy-Massive Attack
I Melt With You-Modern English
A Warm Place-Nine Inch Nails
Hurt-Nine Inch Nails
Ripe (With Decay)-Nine Inch Nails
Something in the Way-Nirvana
Suicidal Thoughts-Notorious B.I.G.
Black-Pearl Jam
A Perfect Circle-R.E.M.
Everybody Hurts-R.E.M.
Bullet Proof...Wish I Was-Radiohead
How To Disappear Completely-Radiohead
House of Cards-Radiohead
All I Need-Radiohead
Olsen Olsen-Sigur Rós
Good Morning Captain-Slint
Once Upon A Time-Smashing Pumpkins
One Headlight-Wallflowers
The Haunting Idle-War on Drugs
Brenda's Got A Baby-2Pac

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