Tony Romo retires from the NFL

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Tony Romo retires from the NFL

Postby Retrology » April 4th, 2017, 3:06 pm

A lot of people make Tony Romo the butt of jokes, but he was always one of my favorite players from any sport, and I thought he was a great QB. 2014 was one of the finest quarterbacked seasons I've ever seen. He offered a quick release, amazing pocket play, insane mobility, and a rocket of an arm. When he finally got an OL he was the 2nd best QB in the league next to Rodgers in my opinion.

Never got the respect he deserved, was one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. I'll miss him. Hope he does well in broadcasting, and hope Dak Prescott continues to do well in Dallas.

Thoughts? Any other Tony Romo fans?

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Re: Tony Romo retires from the NFL

Postby Voor » April 5th, 2017, 7:20 am

Good for him. If he went to a team (besides the Broncos), it's unlikely he'd contend for a championship, so what the point at his age? Plus, he's too fragile for any team to go "all in" on, so it looks like a good time to hang em up. Good for him.

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Re: Tony Romo retires from the NFL

Postby Retro STrife » April 5th, 2017, 11:30 am

I'm a diehard Cowboys fan and haven't missed a game in the past decade or so, meaning that I saw every game of Tony Romo's career. I'm a huge fan of his and will definitely miss him on Sundays. Always underappreciated, even by Cowboys fans, he's actually 3rd all-time in career passer rating, just behind Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, and just ahead of Steve Young and Peyton Manning. One of the toughest QBs, he played with broken fingers, broken back bones, broken ribs, a punctured lung, and more. Surrounded by mediocre teams for years, he kept the Cowboys relevant and won them a lot more games than they deserved. Watch a Tony Romo highlight video on Youtube and you'll see that he was one of the most fun guys to see play, especially when he was evading defenders before a pass. He was also way more clutch than the public perception. I appreciate Romo even more because Cowboys fans lived through a QB landfill for 7 years or so as the organization searched for a franchise QB to replace Troy was a frustrating time and not fun to watch. But Romo wasn't all good...there were definitely some frustrating moments (he was very much like Brett Favre in that way), though overall I think the team had more to do with the Cowboys failures than Romo individually. That said, promoting Dak Prescott ahead of Romo was the right move--he's younger and has more upside in the long-term--but I had hoped to see Romo play for another team for a few more years.

Here's a Youtube link to my favorite Romo play, which comes from very early in his career... this crazy "4 yard run" for a first down from 2007 (on 3rd and 3, with under 1 minute left in the half during a close game) perfectly sums up the mix of frustration and excitement of watching him as a fan the past 10 years. I remember watching minute you think he's a complete idiot for not just falling on the ball, and the next minute you realize how crazy of a ride the future was going to be.

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