Kids movies that can be enjoyed by adults

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Re: Kids movies that can be enjoyed by adults

Postby Luigi & Peach » October 24th, 2017, 8:01 pm

AtariToday wrote:There is brief nudity in Monster Squad? Missed that one..I know it's a bit suggested in the scene where Frankenstein's monster snaps a picture of the neighbor..but i'm pretty sure it's never shown.
I will agree it has a choice word or two but that was par for the course for 80's flicks. The Goonies had a word or two in it as well..E.T. had a good one it as well now that I think of it. haha!

You were right about the nudity. Apparently my memory's just going. The movies probably PG13 by today's standards. It seemed a little racier than the Goonies. Now all those walkie-talkies everyone seems to be carrying around and pointing in ET... that's just offensive. :lol:

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