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My job sucks because...

Posted: February 24th, 2018, 10:49 am
by DaHeckIzDat
Everybody has the worst job on earth. Use this thread to prove it, and tell us why your job sucks. My job sucks because...

I do online fraud prevention at the Walmart corporate office, and I'm not really allowed to say all that much about it, but I can tell you it's a great big guessing game. People place orders on, I look at the orders, and I try to decide if it's legit or fraud. Problem is, good orders can look bad and bad orders can look good. We have three options with every order: release, deny, or escalate for further investigation. Our bosses expect us to do 16 orders an hour, and escalations don't count. Problem is, they also grade us for accuracy. If we deny a good order or release a bad one, it hurts our weekly score. The bare minimum we're allowed to score every week is 98.5%. So, since the vast majority of the orders we see are completely vague, could be good or bad, we escalate 90% of them, which not only pisses off our escalations team (who only have work if we escalate orders) but it also makes it next to impossible to meet our quota sometimes. Not to mention that fraudsters are smart, they know we're here and they're constantly looking for ways to get around us. So every other day our bosses will stand up and say "Fraudsters are doing [X], and they look just like good orders." We ask them, "How do we tell which are good and bad?" And they say, "I don't know."

Does your job suck worse than mine? Prove it.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 24th, 2018, 12:51 pm
by Rev
I actually can't make a comment about my current job because I actually like it *(usually)...


I had one job I really hated and I only ended up staying there about a month. While I was in college I worked as a Gas Station Attendant for a local company. I had, had other positions like that before and they had all been pretty chill, however this particular company believed that these attendants should not only in charge of running the store but also landscaping, cleaning all the pumps with baby oil (took hours), cleaning oil dumps, lawn mowing, etc... All for minimum wage... all with barely any help. Usually gas stations would pay a company to do those things so all their franchises looked great.. This one didn't believe in that. Considering this was a second job for me, I quit. Didn't need to be working that hard when I had already worked 40+ hours at my first job + college.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 24th, 2018, 1:08 pm
by DaHeckIzDat
Before I came to the home office, I worked at TruGreen the lawn care company. I would drive a truck around town and put fertilizer and weed killer on people's grass. Nothing too bad, I even liked how active it made me be, but they managed to make it suck anyway. Like I said, I would drive the truck around, but the truck they gave me had problems with the engine so it couldn't go faster than 30 mph. I complained to management several times about it, but all they would ever say was "I bet I could make it go faster." Normally that was just an annoyance, since I would have to take back roads instead of the highways, but one day they gave me a route in a town that was a two hour drive away... in a good truck. It took me more than three hours to get there, and then my fertilizer pump stopped working, meaning I had to drive all the way back to base to get it fixed and then back to my first stop and I still hadthirtystopstotalandthingswerestillbreakingandaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! My truck dumped poisonous weed killer on the street, and thus down the storm drain, my fertilizer spreader had to be repaired several times a day since the wheels would come off, the weed killer backpacks leaked so I was always coming home with rashes where it had run down my back. People would try to cancel their service, but my bosses would send me there anyway to get yelled at when I showed up and tried to fertilize their yard, and then get yelled at again by my bosses for not fertilizing their yard. Nobody knew which poison killed which weeds, each boss will tell you its for something different, and even now that I quit I still have no idea if I ever used the right poison for anything. Hot days, no air conditioning in the trucks, and you could go months without getting two days off in a row to make up for lawns people couldn't do during the week. By far the worst job I've ever had. Literally the only thing I liked about it was how much weight I lost doing it.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 24th, 2018, 1:16 pm
by ptdebate
The company that operates my hotel decided that they could cut costs by eliminating the on-site IT department. Corporate IT is very slow to respond and cannot come to the property in person, so since I am the most technologically proficient person on the team, I get to have two jobs for the pay of one! My job, and the job of IT Manager.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 25th, 2018, 5:08 am
by Retrology
I dishwash. The people and benefits are nice (I get free food), but it's dishwashing. It's gonna suck.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 25th, 2018, 4:45 pm
by Herschie
I got fired from my job two weeks ago. Missed a whole week due to the flu, and then my car wouldn't start. They had to let me go, even though they wanted to keep me. Hey, I'm good at sales! But it's a corporate policy.

Financially, I estimate that I can make it through mid-April, and I'll have something by then. But it's been great being home. All these games I haven't had time to play I find myself enjoying once more. I'm happy, calm, able to smell the roses in life. Too bad this can't continue, otherwise I won't be able to afford roses. Or property taxes. Or my car.

I have to figure out how to get some passive income, because life is much more enjoyable when you don't work.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 25th, 2018, 5:28 pm
by scotland
Herschie wrote:I have to figure out how to get some passive income, because life is much more enjoyable when you don't work.

Having money to invest so you can live off the dividends is the classic way -

If you happen to have a $2,000,000 (US), you can buy about 40,000 shares of Verizon. Those 40,000 shares will get you about $96,000 a year in dividends. Say you lose about $11,000 in capital gains, and you'll have $85,000 to squeak out a living from.

Failing that, how about starting a coin-op / vending machine / arcade business? You might need partners for finance or something, but maybe you can leverage your video game knowledge into one of these arcade bars or a coin op business.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 25th, 2018, 7:19 pm
by Atarifever
I do in home consulting as a behaviourist for children with developmental disabilities (largely autism). It is deeply rewarding, pays very fairly, and is especially meaningful to me because I went through the same services on the other side as a parent of a child with autism. As an added benefit, it has allowed me and my wife to move our family back where we're from, because that's where the job is. Best of all, I have to read research all the time as part of my job, which is actually a bonus for me.
It's a bit of a running joke in our clinic that turnover for us is incredibly high (one woman just left the building forever one day without even telling anyone she was quitting and didn't even come back for her coat), so we're usually very understaffed, and you can get really bad burnout, but so far so great.

I have mostly worked jobs I loved. The one exception was in the last two years that I worked in Student Services at a College, I had the same thing happen to me that is happening to ptdebate. One day there were these 3 student support jobs like mine across 8 campuses. Then there were 2 jobs. Then just me. Now, the amount of work remained the same. Exactly the same. And I couldn't complain, because at least I wasn't laid off like the other 2. But I was literally doing 3 jobs, with a bunch of travel around a large region added to the mix, and I think my bonus was that I may have gotten a thank you as an aside on a teleconference once.

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 26th, 2018, 8:33 am
by FusekiGames
My entire career, pre and post coin-op amusements operator and pool hall/arcade owner, has sucked. My degreed profession is as a chef, and I burned out early (1997), so I went into business with a friend of mine for about 6 years. He has been in coin-op all of his life (and still is), and I was tasked with repairing/restoring and selling the massive inventory of 70s/80s/early 90s machines, parts, and other items that he had accumulated. We made so much money in such a short time that we became partners, and had a lucrative route and sales business for that 6 years. I bought the pool hall/arcade and ran packing/sales operations from the building for a couple of years. The arcade never made any money but paid its bills, and everything was going great. In 2002, the bottom started to drop out of the business- kids stopped dropping money into machines on location, collectors and other game buyers slowed their purchases and prices dropped, and the arcade started costing me money to keep open. My partner decided to buy me out, fire sale his inventory and the route, and move out of state, so I returned to the restaurant business.

I'm now almost 48 years old and in good shape, but I'm starting to feel the effects of many hours on my feet, working constantly with my hands, and my back.... oh, my back. I'm not one of those head chefs who sits on his ass and lets everyone else do the work, so years of being in the trenches with the other cooks and chefs has taken its toll. I have spent many years kitchen-hopping (as do many chefs), trying to find a restaurant that isn't run by cheap, ignorant, lazy owners with zero vision and no capital to keep things running. I finally found a good, successful one, run by an intelligent wealthy couple who actually like to work, have vision, give me cart-blanche to run things as I see fit, background check everyone who wishes to work for them, don't hire (and let any of the department leads hire) unexperienced job-hoppers, pay very well, and are team oriented.

I enjoy what I do for a living and get paid quite well, but it's a roller coaster business full of hacks, drug and alcohol addicts, lazy short-sighted cheapskate owners, over-complicated nonsense (corporate restaurants), and more ups and downs than an elevator. That's the part that really sucks, and it takes years to finally settle somewhere that isn't going to go out of business or will suck the soul right out of you. One can understand why people think that restaurant workers are uneducated losers who made bad choices in life (there's a saying in the business: "Restaurants- where the lazy welfare recipients who can actually work but choose to suck off the system think you're low-life scum") and I've made peace with that because it's mostly true. The toll on my body and time away from my family is the biggest part that sucks, but at least I get two weeks vacation, profit-sharing, and health insurance nowadays (something else that 99.99% of restaurants don't offer/give).

Re: My job sucks because...

Posted: February 26th, 2018, 8:47 am
by FusekiGames
Retrology wrote:I dishwash. The people and benefits are nice (I get free food), but it's dishwashing. It's gonna suck.

I'm probably the highest paid dishwasher on the planet, as its part of my job and all of the chefs that work under me. There's no such thing as being too good to wash dishes in my kitchen, and no one gets off easy, including me :)

If you hate dishwashing, start bugging the chef/kitchen manager/whoever runs things and tell them that you want to learn how to cook. Show them that you're eager to learn the trade and move on up. If they aren't cheap and/or their business is doing well, there's probably more money in it for you, and you'll learn a trade that you can fall back on later if needed. Then go to college and learn a real trade :)

HOWEVER, be careful for what you wish for, as you can get stuck cooking and kitchen-hopping for life, whether you like the business or not.