Basket Case and Suspira Retrospectives

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Basket Case and Suspira Retrospectives

Postby JustLikeHeaven » October 13th, 2018, 3:19 pm

So besides having a retro gaming Podcast, I've also got a Cult Movie Centric Podcast called The Wolfman's Lounge. This being October, we've been focusing on Horror Movies. So far we've covered the insane Frank Henenloter film, Baseketcase along with the Italian Masterpiece, Suspira! If you're into horror and wanna listen to two dudes jibber jabber about these movies please give us a listen. You can find the episodes at the links below or you can search for Wolfman's Lounge on iTunes or Google Play Store. Each one is roughly 25-30 minutes long, featuring tidbits of knowledge, irreverent humor, and swearing.

Any fans of these two movies? I happen to love both and Suspira is in my top three horror movies of all time! It's really terrific. Basketcase is one of the most insane low budget shockers and I love getting unsuspecting friends to sit down and watch it. They certainly don't make cheesy monster flicks like that anymore!

What do you all think about the upcoming Suspira remake? Is there anyway it can top the Argento original? Should they have even bothered? I just hope it tries to do it's own thing. The trailers look decent and the early buzz is terrific. If anything it should get people to become aware of the original and they might go track that down for a watch.

Oh and if you're interested in any other of our podcasts you can find all of our episodes here:

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