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Re: Favorite Movie Series?

Postby Breaker » September 24th, 2019, 12:12 am

I just finished a 3 1/2 day run of all 24 official Bond movies in chronological order. I gave myself time to sleep so I could enjoy the experience. Somehow, I'm actually a little melancholy it's over. As I texted my buddies, I should be sick of Bond, but I'd do it again. Not starting tomorrow, but in 3 weeks? Sign me up.

Certain things stood out (and likely aren't revelations, so don't get pissy about them): the Moore era lasted about 6 years too long. The Dalton era was far too short. The Brosnan films couldn't decide what they were - campy like Moore, or serious like Connery? Craig is amazing, but even he couldn't save Spectre from itself. I tend to like Quantum more than most. I would rather have seen Lazenby get a second movie than Connery come back for the ridiculous Diamonds Are Forever.

I challenged myself to write a single-sentence plot summary for each movie, and a buddy edited them. A few are so ridiculous as to bring tears to your eyes (Octopussy, The Living Daylights, and, surprising to me, Tomorrow Never Dies). Others were relatively straight forward.

I think on some level I gained new appreciation for each film for something; there are still 6 or 7 I wouldn't recommend to anyone but the biggest Bond fans. And there are 5 or 6 I would hold up against the "best" action movies.

Overall, this is still my favorite movie series, and I am excited to see the newest addition in April.

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Re: Favorite Movie Series?

Postby jon » September 27th, 2019, 9:14 am

It’s so weird Bc I love Spectre and love the storyline. It mentions the climbing accident of his parents and how Blofeld was his foster brother. I thought it was awesome. I’ve mentioned before but I always thought there was something deeper between Bond and Spectre and in effect blofeld. In the very first Bond movies members of Spectre ask him to join them. I always wondered if there was something deeper. Like maybe Blofeld knew Bond’s family. That’s why when he was his brother in Spectre it made a lot of sense. Everyone hates the storyline though. If there’s one that I can’t get into a lot it’s Skyfall. It went way too in depth with his past and M’s screen time was a joke. And there were some rather unbelievable action sequences.

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Re: Favorite Movie Series?

Postby ThePixelatedGenocide » September 27th, 2019, 2:52 pm

I think my favorite series right now might be Star Wars.

Because it is flawed, and flawed things are often more interesting than those scrubbed clean of all their rough edges.

But also because it dares to actually say something, and it has a point of view. And it makes no apologies for it.

It's always been it's secret strength, but when I was growing up, it wasn't controversial to say that targeting the families of militants was evil. We just knew somehow.

It was also widely understood that torture extracted false confessions, and better results were found by just letting people tell their story to a good listener. And of course, racism was bad. Even racism against aliens.

Especially aliens that are cute and cuddly murder machines like the Ewoks. Or aliens that can rip your arms off if you don't let them win at Dejarik. But I'm assuming Mexicans are covered too. And families fleeing gun violence.

But now all of these very obvious things are suddenly controversial. And I'm supposed to pretend that Star Wars, a movie originally designed to protest Vietnam by turning fascist propaganda against the military industrial complex, was never political.

How did so many fans miss the entire point that hard?

I can't go anywhere without angry mobs screaming that the series is dead, because it stayed true to those convictions. I've never seen this kind of passionate hatred for a movie franchise before.

Why? It can't just be because of Rey's power levels; most of these people LOVED The Force Unleashed. Besides, the force user manual just says "Do or do not. There is no try." There's nothing in there about needing to grind through Pokemon training.

Some of them tell me that it's because Jake Skywalker was still struggling with all the same flaws Luke Skywalker had when Yoda warned him that calling on the darkside, even in the heat of battle, was a mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

That he'd always struggle not to be consumed by the powers of fear and hate.

Except that's why George Lucas has compared the darkside to cancer. Or struggling with an addiction. It's not something you can just get over.

Of course, all that's a problem to the folks who want me to hate what Star Wars has become, so I'm told that Yoda just had no idea what he was talking about. 900 years of experience? Please. Luke has the power of heart! That's why he can just call on the darkside and quit at any time. Anakin also told Luke it wasn't that easy, but what does he know? For all we know, he always wanted to torture Leia and mutilate his son.

Don't kink shame.

It's the only way his behavior makes sense, unless you actually pay attention to the series lore. Or observe Anakin's scary possessed demon eyes in the prequels.

Star Wars was never about being subtle.

Yet somehow, the writing's still too subtle. Anakin's suddenly running around chopping up kids in the prequels, and I'm supposed to believe it's just a case of bad writing, because it doesn't match what's in someone's headcanon.

Luke also has a brief moment of being tempted to chop up a kid. One who's actually twenty something and totally going to murder everyone Luke is supposed to protect, and somehow that's even worse writing? And automatically makes him a child killer? It's not just an exploration of the "Would you kill baby Hitler?" ethics question?

Wow, I love this approach to film criticism. Let me play! The Exorcist is stupid because of all the bad words! Hasn't the kid realized that demons are bad? (Hasn't all of X-Box Live?)

Maybe Anakin was right to kill them all.

Meanwhile, back in RJ's unspeakable blasphemy, Luke Skywalker blames himself for everything Ben does, and does what he can to keep everyone safe from himself, in case he's finally fallen to the darkside too.

But that all feels real to me, because I've dealt with the violently mentally ill before. And violent drunks. And drug addicts. When you don't know if you're a threat to those you love? A lot of people will behave exactly like Luke Skywalker does. ESPECIALLY those who were noble and brave, and who genuinely believed in the best of everyone.

They just isolate themselves.

Even when they don't have all the powers of fear and hate making them afraid of what happens if they don't hate themselves. And sometimes, there just isn't a happy ending.

And that's why most of all, I love Star Wars because it still finds a way to redeem Luke. Because it shows that he's not been forgotten.

When Luke finally faces the First Order, he doesn't kill any of the many soldiers they've indoctrinated since they were children. Instead, he just faces his past, and admits his mistakes. And allows the First Order's guns to show off how untouchable he really is, now. Then he tells everyone he'll be watching over Ben Solo. And then he dies, because his astral form flew too far away from home, too fast.

But through his death, and through those who tell his story, he reveals the power of hope over military might. Kind of like that guy in Tianaman square, who will also live on despite his death. And like King and Ghandi.

And everyone they've inspired

Luke's story is just beginning. He's now the closest thing they have to Jesus Christ. And once again, he represents a new hope for a galaxy. And the values of the light side. And of our best possible selves.

How often do you see that kind of heroism anymore, outside of the peaceful protests we're conditioned to ignore?

This story wasn't the popular thing for a big Hollywood franchise to tell, but it was the right thing to do.

Also, Mark gets one last moment with Carrie, while holding Han's dice - the closest we got to a reunion of the 3, the real thing denied to us because of JJ's careless approach to the franchise.

It's a memory that this long time fan will always be grateful for. And it's good to know that even if Star Wars pulls a Game of Thrones in the end, and betrays everything it ever stood for? There was one shining moment where it was completely it's own thing.

It's a beautiful rebellion.

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Re: Favorite Movie Series?

Postby ptdebate » September 27th, 2019, 5:47 pm

Pixelated, 100 percent agreed on TLJ and Luke's Arc. Obviously we've beaten the point to death in other threads but there was no need for Luke to be a grandstanding hero and Kylo's origin story would have lacked depth and humanity without Luke's betrayal at it's heart. It'll be a tough act to follow but the way I see it, all The Rise of Skywalker has to do is tie together Palpatine with the events of the ST including Snoke and Rey's origins and stage a handful of momentous lightsaber battles. If they merely check those boxes I'll be a happy fan.

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