Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker

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Re: Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker

Postby ThePixelatedGenocide » July 3rd, 2020, 9:31 pm

scotland wrote:I'm not the biggest Star Wars guy, but I was told in the old Expanded Universe books, Luke could pull down orbiting fleets using the Force. I think its the curse of power creep. To keep making it exciting, things keep getting ramped up. Remember the light saber duel in A New Hope is Kendo for Old Men, and by TPM its acrobatic martial arts on a new level. I guess Force Powers do the same thing. They need to pull the reins in on what the rules are, or it gets out of hand.

The whole idea was that it was space magic, and could make a handy faith metaphor.

It was never meant to be more complicated than that, but when Howard Roffman decided to claim all of the EU was canon, people began creating rules...which were quickly broken...but it created the illusion that logic could be applied to all of this.

That there were no mysteries. That it could be as easily understood as D&D.

Edit: Not that Lucas was helping with his midichlorians...but those using them to defend the science of the force seldom talk about what Lucas wanted to do with them: ... 01974276/#!

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Re: Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker

Postby tREVdesigns » July 6th, 2020, 12:55 am

Saw this for the first time the other night and found it entertaining. I don’t take any of these movies too seriously and watch them without picking apart ever minor detail or trying to become one with the characters. These are action movies aimed at kids not an example of The Godfather thespianism. Adam Driver sure proves that point, but he effortlessly adds comic relief when trying to be serious. Everyone seemed happy when Lucas gave up the franchise, careful what you wish for.

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