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NHL Hockey

Posted: January 13th, 2020, 10:40 pm
by SuperiorShark
Any hockey fans? How's your team doing?

Re: NHL Hockey

Posted: January 13th, 2020, 11:35 pm
by jon
I’m a Florida Panthers fan. They need to make the playoffs more often

Re: NHL Hockey

Posted: January 15th, 2020, 4:27 pm
by SuperiorShark
jon wrote:I’m a Florida Panthers fan. They need to make the playoffs more often

Haha, I'm a Tampa Bay Lightning fan. They need to WIN in the playoffs more often

Re: NHL Hockey

Posted: January 15th, 2020, 7:30 pm
by jon
So we all love NHL ‘94 but what about the actual NHL lol. On that note, I absolutely loved the nhl back then. You had so many fun teams like the Blackhawks with Roebuck and Belfour, the red wings with yzerman and Federov, the Canadians with Roy, the Bruins with Borque. I played the computer version of NHL ‘94 and the computer had full season mode the console versions didn’t. It was really fun back in ‘93 and that was a really revolutionary time

Re: NHL Hockey

Posted: January 15th, 2020, 9:54 pm
by VideoGameCritic
I really like the color and design of the original Anaheim Ducks uniforms. They were a cool team to play back in the day in the NHL games.

Now the Ducks looks pretty bland.

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Posted: January 15th, 2020, 10:05 pm
by Breaker
I'm a Penguins fan, and they're doing better lately. I haven't had much time to watch (anything) this year as I'm finishing up my MBA.

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Posted: January 15th, 2020, 11:35 pm
by Matchstick
Heh, I was wondering if a thread like this would get started, given the popularity of the NFL Football thread from a few months back.

jon wrote:the Blackhawks with Roebuck and Belfour

"It's Roenick. He's good."

For those of you that aren't familiar with "that scene" in Swingers, your time has come. NSFW language herein:

Love the Blackhawks, myself. JR was my favorite player growing up. My old man's from Chicago and used to watch the 'Hawks at the old Chicago Stadium. Heard lots of stories about rats, sticky floors, and falling asbestos from the ceiling when I was growing up. I've only ever seen them at The United Center, aka "The House that Jordan Built." Too bad tickets have gotten so expensive, but hey, winning three Stanley Cups in five years tends to do that to a franchise.

They're having a few down years, but considering how garbage the team was for a good amount of my youth, I figure it all evens out. I vividly recall my Dad and I watching the '92 Finals on TV against the Penguins, seeing Chicago get swept in four games. Some jerks named Lemieux and Jagr were playing for Pittsburgh. They were pretty good. Dad didn't watch hockey for a good 15 years after that.

My wife's from Philly and loves the Flyers. Makes our mutual dislike of the Penguins and all things Pittsburgh run in the family, so to speak.

I don't follow any pro sport closely except for hockey. Sure, it's fun to catch a Cubs or Bears game whenever its on TV, but I never go out of my way. Conversely, you pretty much have to go out of your way if you want to watch any NHL games. At least after the NFL season is over, NBC will show a few games on the weekends. The NHL app is surprisingly competent, and usually shows one free game a day.

Doesn't matter which teams are playing, I try to watch a few games a week at the very least. Used to play hockey back when I lived places that actually had ice, and it's just the one sport I've managed to hang onto the love for over the years. Still have my skates. Still have my sticks. Still have the itch. Maybe someday.

And, oh yeah, LET'S GO HAWKS!!

Re: NHL Hockey

Posted: January 17th, 2020, 3:13 pm
by Retrology
I'm a Blue Jackets fan. Of course they made one of the biggest upsets in Stanley Cup postseason history and took down the Presidential Cup winner last season with a sweep which was unreal.

As of now they'd be in the playoffs so........that's cool!

Re: NHL Hockey

Posted: January 17th, 2020, 4:59 pm
by Lucifixion
Jets fan. Things are...shaky. Gone from a Cup favourite to wild card in the course of a season. Missing the only fat man in the NHL...well, only current player.

NHL 94 on Genesis is THE hockey game. Mastered it 26 years ago with the almighty Teemu Selanne...and forgot how to play in more recent years.

Jets play the Lightning in 2.5 hours. We're having a blizzard presently. Hope it helps. Go JETS!!!

Re: NHL Hockey

Posted: January 17th, 2020, 10:59 pm
by Matchstick
I don't want to fanboy this thread too much, but I can't tell you how happy I am to have some fellas to talk hockey with. Woo hoo!!
Retrology wrote:I'm a Blue Jackets fan

Grud bless you, sir.

I [unfortunately] found myself spending a few years in Columbus around six or seven years ago. Best thing that happened during my time there was that I met my future wife (dawwww) but besides that, bleh, no thanks! Bad weather, non-stop commutes by car with little mass transit, and a strange fixation on the local college team. Jeebus, grow up, people! The Jackets were one of the best teams in the conference a few years I lived there, and all anyone seemed to want to talk about was the Ohio State Buckeyes... even months after the season ended. I can't tell you how many times I had to "remind" born-and-raised Columbus residents that they had a hockey team, and a damn good one, too. Always a losing battle, unfortunately.

I made the best of my time there by sweeping up as many cheapie Jackets tickets as I could. Back when they were in the Western Conference, anytime the Blackhawks were in town, I was there. You could get in the door for $15 or so, which was all I needed, and my family would occasionally come down to visit from Chicago, as it was actually cheaper to drive down to Ohio, get cheap tickets, and stay the night in a motel than it was to pay for parking and get tickets to the United Center. They've really priced the casual fan out of that place, but with the Jackets playing better as of late, I'm sure prices have gone up at Nationwide Arena, too,

DAT CANNON, THO!! What a way to celebrate a goal! I could do without the stupid AC/DC they play afterwards, though. Yeesh, do we really need to hear that song again?? My Dad says that the cannon reminded him of the old foghorn they had at Chicago Stadium back in the day. It was a legit foghorn taken off an old-timey tugboat, and when they'd blast it after a goal, you could hear it all the way out on the sidewalk outside the stadium. Made everyone in the stadium jump a foot when they blasted it, just like the Jackets' cannon. Good times!

Also, those third jerseys with the cannon on the front are so very, very lit. I like the newer redesigned home and away jerseys (especially the red pants) but man, those "fauxback" jerseys are really something else.

Lucifixion wrote:Jets fan. Jets play the Lightning in 2.5 hours. We're having a blizzard presently. Hope it helps. Go JETS!!!

EEEEEK, sorry about that matchup! My Uncle lives in St. Pete and has season tickets to the Lightning, though he says this is probably the last year as they've gotten prohibitively expensive. I like the Bolts OK, but I've always had a soft spot for the Jets. I like having them as divisional rivals, and they tend to pick up a lot of the Hawks' leftovers. I will always love Dusting Byfuglien, and feel that Chicago wouldn't have won that cup in 2010 without him. Seriously, one of my all-time favorites of the modern era. Hopefully he gets whatever issues he has sorted out and can hit the ice again soon.

I know they're not the OG Jets (that team currently plays in Arizona - bleh!) but I like having Winnipeg back in the league, one way or another. Can't say I miss the Thrashers too much (even though Atlanta's OG team currently plays in Calgary - strange world, that NHL realignment) but I was happy Winnipeg got a team back, even if they had to take one from another city.

The old man says seeing Bobby Hull get traded to the Jets back in the day was such a strange time. The Jets weren't even an NHL team yet (yay, WHL!) and fans would boo him for years at Blackhawks games, even though he was hundreds of miles away from the stadium. Chants of, "Go to Hell! *clap clap* Bobby Hull! *clap clap*" would rain down at nearly every Hawks home game, especially when the team struggled. You just don't replace a guy like that overnight.

Lucifixion wrote:NHL 94 on Genesis is THE hockey game. Mastered it 26 years ago with the almighty Teemu Selanne...and forgot how to play in more recent years.

I was big on '96, myself. One of those times where I didn't buy every yearly sports game, and went from NHLPA '93 to NHL '96, missing the games in between. I've played plenty of '94 over the years, but man, that engine they worked up for '96 was so fast and smooth by comparison. Hard to go back after playing it, personally, but I love any classic 16-bit EA hockey game, regardless of release year. They're just timeless.