Favorite Grunge Albums

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Re: Favorite Grunge Albums

Postby jon » August 5th, 2022, 6:34 pm

This seems interesting. I'll get it. When I first saw the link I was like, here we go, another Nirvana book about a tour before they got famous. But this is after. So that's nice. It seems like literally everything I've seen about recounts of Nirvana tours were before they got huge.

Edit: So I see most of the times Captain America opened for them was from November 26th-December 5th, 1991. That must have been a crazy time. It was right around that time that Smells Like Teen Spirit got huge. So that's probably an interesting tour. I didn't know they played in the UK that much late 1991. Again, my memory is a bit hazy, but we got the album probably in late September since it says it came out September 24th. Like I said, we probably got the album the first week I'm almost completely positive about if not the first day. I think by late November the Teen Spirit video was already huge. So those late November and early December dates were probably fascinating. I'm still trying to pinpoint exactly when Nirvana got massive and if it was by late November. I think it was literally precisely those tour dates when they were massive.

I just saw that Nevermind was #4 on the November 23, 1991 U.S. Billboard charts and #5 for November 30th and December 7th. It's obviously well known that it got to #1 on January 11th, overtaking Michael Jackson lol. So yea, if Nevermind was already #4 on the U.S charts before the bulk of the UK tour that Captain America was one of the openers for, then they obviously were already basically the biggest band in the world. I read that the shows were dangerously oversold on that tour.

Those dates validate how I remembered things going down. I remember that fall being a fun time of going to football games and listening to Nirvana, not at the football games, but it was just a fun time. Especially because we got the album on what might have been it's first day out. Although in later years Teen Spirit would be played at football games a lot. It might have been played at those games in 1991 when UM won the National Championship. It was a great freaking time, late 1991.

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Re: Favorite Grunge Albums

Postby BlasteroidAli » August 5th, 2022, 10:28 pm

I think it is a third Nirvana and third CA and a third about the author and the fun of drumming. It has loads of set lists for Nirvana.

So I heard this story, the tour manager for Captain America got this woman and they were on the tour bus, so he had sex with her. He said he only lasted a minute. He was totally useless. So after he had finished doing the deed she said to him. "Thank you, Eugene!!" She thought she was getting a good time from the lead singer. Funny story.

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