The Simpsons, after the golden age

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The Simpsons, after the golden age

Postby BanjoPickles » December 2nd, 2020, 10:01 am

Like millions of others, I signed up for Disney Plus. For me, though, I did it so I could have The Simpsons at the click of a button.

But like millions of others, I stopped watching the show regularly after season 11, and I stopped watching altogether after season 13. It’s a shame because even though the show’s consistency went down the tubes after season 8, I’m finding out that there were a ton of good-to-great episodes that I missed out on, and season 15 is the strongest season since season 8.

However, there are some episodes that are flat-out unwatchable, and I can’t help but wonder if the writers from seasons 10-31 took any notes on what made the golden age so brilliant. I understand that they most likely ran out of stories (considering that they’re coming up on, what, 700 episodes?), but the jokes are so weird that they fall flat.

Personally, I wish that they would call it a day. There are so many unfillable holes in the Simpsons universe now. Mrs. Krabapple is dead, Apu is gone, Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz died with Phil Hartman, the new voice actor for Carl sounds really weird, Julie Kavner can barely do the voice for Marge, and the show just seems so lifeless now.

I was talking about how to end the show with a friend of mine last week, and I think what they should do is an entire final season where the characters have aged accordingly. If Homer was 36 in the first season, age him to be 67, same with Marge. Obviously, that would mean that many characters—from Grandpa Simpson, to Mr. Burns, Jasper, Krusty, and others—would be dead, but it would be interesting to see the changes in Springfield. It would also open them up for a few new story ideas, maybe. The finale could be something along the lines of the town gathering for Ned Flanders’ funeral. *shrug

What do you guys think?

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Re: The Simpsons, after the golden age

Postby TheEagleXIII » December 2nd, 2020, 11:37 am

Hands down, The Simpson’s is my favourite and most referenced show. My wife and I have been doing the same as you on Disney+ and we’re slowly going through the golden age seasons. I haven’t watched a load of the episodes for well over a decade, but I used to tape them onto VHS and rewatch them so many times as a kid/teen that I can still quote along with them all.

The fun thing is discovering so many jokes that flew over my head as a kid or stuff I never noticed. It’s also interesting watching episodes I found a bit boring as a kid turning out to be hilarious now as an adult - The Otto Show becoming a more recent favourite. And vice verca - many I enjoyed as a kid turn out to be a bit thin on the gags if still classic.

I usually consider season 10 the cut off - and that might be being generous. We’re only up to season 6 at the moment, but scrolling through what’s ahead, there’s a couple standouts in season 11 and 12 - if they hold up to my memory of them. But I did use to find all those episodes onwards unwatchable. And not just in a ‘this show isn’t as good as it was’ kinda way, like literally unbearable to sit through. It’ll be interesting to see how far we get before we can’t keep watching any more.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the movie when it was released, but I don’t think anyone was surprised, it was 10 years too late. I’ve seen a few episodes from the last few years in passing and in some ways they aren’t as bad as seasons 11/12 onwards, but that’s not saying much.

There was one episode I mildly enjoyed and made a point to sit down and watch, which was the Lego episode. That was mildly fun and IIRC was quite touching in a way I haven’t seen the show manage for decades. I’m not sure if the writers of the Lego movies contributed to it, but it felt like it had a similar feel to the writing. Keep the expectations low - but I do recommend that one.

The show should definitely end though. It’s too far gone to hook me into checking out any big finale idea they might have. But I would be interested if they went with your idea.

I think the worst thing about the Simpsons still being on the air is the affect it’s having on similar shows being kept around past their prime. I knew South Park was still going and do check it out from time to time - but it is still occasionally good. But I recently found out Family Guy is still on the air and even American Dad is still going! I’d argue they hit their peaks for a much shorter time than the Simpsons ever did. It’s almost like all animated sitcoms now have to be shoved on life support no matter how bad it gets.

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