Your favorite movie couples

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Your favorite movie couples

Postby Zack Burner » February 8th, 2021, 7:02 pm

With Valentine's Day around the corner, how about we focus our attention on our favorite couples in movies that have stuck with us over the years? I'll start:

Westley and Buttercup ("The Princess Bride") - Off to a good start these two overtly fond lovebirds will make you say "As you wish" as many times as you like.

Jamal Malik and Latika ("Slumdog Millionaire") - Both born into poverty and taking an adventure through life and India in a way that would make Charles Dickens proud, you'll be cheering when they finally get back together despite all hardships.

Charlie and Sister Rose ("The African Queen") - When it comes to classic Hollywood nothing beats good ol' Bogey and Katherine Hepburn, taking a daring adventure through the African rapids with many perils.

Ilsa Lund and Rick Blaine ("Casablanca") - Bogey again! Except this one's even more classic with Bogey trying to maintain love after losing her due to unforeseen circumstances. "Here's lookin' at you kid!" "Play it Sam!"

Simba and Nala ("The Lion King") - Some of you all saw this coming, the lions reunited, feeling the love, and then banding together to overcome a tyrant in their kingdom together and then rule it like their parents before them.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter series) - though it takes a while you realize the two were meant for one another getting each other out of school scrapes and dark forces.

Only trio - Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo (Original Star Wars trilogy) - the most bonded trio in cinematic history, who stuck for each other through thick and thin, battling the forces of evil. Eventually Leia falls for Han, since Luke and Leia are siblings, but you can't deny the sibling love, bromance, and actual romance all rolled into one. Doesn't get any better than this.

Honorable Mention:
Kate Mosely and Doug Dorsey ("The Cutting Edge") - I have a soft spot for figure skating, and these two have a lot of bickering chemistry. And who'd of thought that the two leads would later lend voices for Disney movies? (Moira Kelly voiced Nala, while Sweeney would voice Aladar)
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Re: Your favorite movie couples

Postby VideoGameCritic » February 8th, 2021, 8:52 pm

Harold and Kumar, although I really only liked the first movie.

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Re: Your favorite movie couples

Postby matmico399 » February 9th, 2021, 8:11 pm

Untamed heart. Christian Slater and Marissa Tomei

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Re: Your favorite movie couples

Postby Zack Burner » February 11th, 2021, 9:29 am

Got three more to add:

Gomez and Morticia Addams ("Addams Family") - The tagline for the movie is "Weird is relative" and how appropriate for these two. Fascination with the macabre yet maintaining their loveliness with the perfect casting and chemistry between Raul Julia and Anjelica Houston.

Aragon and Arwen (LOTR trilogy) - a man who would be king and an elf lady, star-crossed lovers who have to go through a lot before they get the romance they dreamed.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (Spider-man 1 and 2) - A nerd and a pretty girl, though the former has troubles expressing it due to his shyness even when he becomes a superhero. It takes a dire threat from one supervillain to finally see each other and accept it well leaving on a very high note, you'd want to skip the 3rd by all means.

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Re: Your favorite movie couples

Postby DocHix » February 11th, 2021, 10:48 am

Indy and Marion from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

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Re: Your favorite movie couples

Postby Zack Burner » February 11th, 2021, 10:53 am

DocHix wrote:Indy and Marion from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Oh yeah, how could I forget those two? Marion stood head and shoulders above the other girls. Forget Willie's ditziness and Elsa's backstabbing and greed, Marion was the real deal.

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