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Robot Changer

Posted: March 24th, 2021, 7:15 pm
by lynchie137
Does anybody out there remember this? I barely do, and it's only because I have a few of the books in the series. Of which there were only four, as far as I know. Also as far as I know, these books came out in the mid 80's or so. I picked up mine either from Woolco or Woolworth's back in the day, or from Elementary school through their book order program. That was where every few months or so during the school year our teachers would hand us kids a little catalog of children's books for each of us, which we would then select a book from said catalog, hand the teacher our money for the book we ordered, and he or she would then place the order. Then a few weeks later we'd receive our order. I ordered many a book like this, and like I said, I believe this is where I believe I stumbled upon this series. It had robots in it. And since robots were like the coolest thing ever in the 80's, I had to check it out.

Anyway, about the books themselves. It was basically your typical good versus evil type of setup where you had the evil robots attempting to launch some sort of a plan to take over the earth or the universe only to get foiled by the good guys time and time again. Pretty much your standard stuff, really. They also had the ability to transform into vehicles, which makes me think that whoever came up with the basic concept of the books were trying to jump on the Transformers/ Go-Bots bandwagon. And if the books took off and sold, perhaps a line of action figures and a cartoon show would follow suit. Unfortunately, since nothing of the sort ever came to pass, and there's very little, if any info about Robot Changer online. Then clearly this, along with a few others (after all, like I said, robots were the in thing back then) were doomed to obscurity. A shame, really, since the stories themselves were reasonably good if not spectacular..

Anyway, here's some pics of the books themselves.. I wanted to get an image of all four books, plus a pic of the heroes and villains in the series. But the file sizes of some of the pics I found were far too big to display here. So if you want to see all four book covers plus an image of the heroes and the bad guys, you may have to Google them. Sorry..

Re: Robot Changer

Posted: March 27th, 2021, 12:10 am
by lynchie137
One other thing you may or may not have noticed about these robots. It seems like most of them have really amazing abs for some reason. Guess they all must have been working out at the gym when not fighting each other..... ;-)

Re: Robot Changer

Posted: March 27th, 2021, 7:43 am
by VideoGameCritic
Oh I used to love the book order club! I remember some guy would occasionally deliver a box to the classroom and we all knew it was our books. The teacher would always let it sit there until the end of the day. I remember one day I had a mean teacher and when she noticed we were excited about the books she kept it there until the next day.

I still have a lot of those books!