An Evil Existence xbox 1 PS5 and PC.

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An Evil Existence xbox 1 PS5 and PC.

Postby BlasteroidAli » December 6th, 2022, 5:37 am

Basically this game is a rip off of Outlast/Resident Evil 7. It is not as good as either of them but it aspires to be the next big game. It fails.

This is game made by a lone programmer. So fair dues to her for this game. It is a shame it is so bad. :mrgreen:

So as with Resident evil or Outlast you go into the scary house because you need to find something. Your friend gets kidnapped and you go into the house but then you are locked in by the nasty man. You have to escape but can you? That is the story. Unlike the gorgeous graphics of Res Evil 7 this looks remarkably like a first gen 360 titles.

Gameplay. It is like you are walking through quicksand for most of the game. You have a flashlight that appears randomly. Tasks are odd like pick up a key to open a lock but the key is at the other side of the map. Or enter a code which is in a box to go further.

Cut scenes are un skippable and annoying. If you died you get to hear them a lot.

Combat. Mash the right trigger a lot.

After you complete the game. Remember to look at your games on your hard drive. Time to delete this game! F-.

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Re: An Evil Existence xbox 1 PS5 and PC.

Postby VideoGameCritic » December 13th, 2022, 10:25 am

A lone programmer and it has cut-scenes?? She must be pretty talented, even if the game sucks.

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