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Sega saturn buyers guide part one

Posted: July 19th, 2006, 1:27 pm
by sega saturn x
[QUOTE=Atarifever][QUOTE=sega saturn x]

Not to mention the selection of the vendors listed doesn't even compare.

Well, it does for the Jaguar.  Every game that I've read about that's supposed to be worth playing for the Jag is available on those sites.  Well, there are two that weren't and I made a deal with a long time poster on Atariage to get those (which is another way to get games without ebay; if you only trust atariage posters who have been posting for years, you aren't likely to be ripped off).


The jag only has what 70 games?  If that, when you're talking turbo or saturn those vendors just aren't feasible options.  Since both systems have hundreds of domestic and import games. And anytime I've had a problem with an item the sellers have been VERY helpful. 

Sega saturn buyers guide part one

Posted: July 19th, 2006, 7:26 pm
by a1

Hey the Jaguar has a huge selection of games. Its library is second only to the Virtual Boy's.

Sega saturn buyers guide part one

Posted: July 20th, 2006, 9:07 pm
by sega saturn x

I know I said six, but I've been so busy I haven't had time to write anymore.  So here's 3 more, I'll get more done when I can.


Virtua cop (sega)***-For all intents and purposes Virtua Cop set the bed rock for what a good 3-D light gun game should be. And like most 90s 3-D games the graphics are now boxy and muddy but typical of sega arcade games the game play still shines. And in my opinion Virtua Cop has aged infinitely better than the digitalized light guns of the day like Area 51 and Lethal enforcers. The biggest problem with those games are you shot lacks impact because everything is pre-rendered. And the alien/terrorist fodder just explodes or flashes out. Virtua cop allowed you to continue shooting at a target and have them react accordingly. And occasionally you would set off a chain of events like blowing up a car and killing six baddies in the process of knocking over a water tower.

While it’s true the digitalized shooters had similar events the effects are far more satisfying in 3-D. It also amazes me just how little the genre evolved over the years. While the likes of time crisis added a duck and cover feature and Virtua Cop 3 would even add pullet time the mix, they really hasn’t strayed that far from the formula Virtua Cop created. Provided you can find the stunner light gun Virtua Cop really is a fun light gun romp.

.Soukyuourentai a.k.a Terra Diver(Electronic arts)***-So what does this shooter have aside from an incomprehensible native title to any English speaker? Well lets see, it’s got difficulty to spare, very pretty visuals (aside from that ghastly water effect) and some extremely manic game play. It also has the initial "Holy crap EA made shooters!?" effect. While this title really wowed me in the arcade for some reason this version never really got a lot of play. It’s pretty much arcade perfect too, I think the reason is by the time I tracked this down I had played dozens of shooters. On a side note this took me a fair amount of time to find since the terra diver title screen is so stylish it’s unreadable, so I couldn’t read the whole name. And despite it’s high production values this is a very cookie cutter shooter.

Waves and waves of cannon fodder? Check. Huge mechanical generic monstrosities? Check. The most interesting thing this game has going for it is that it takes the lock on idea that first debuted in Namcos Xevious and evolved in Layer Section and takes it to the extreme. Giving you a HUGE lock on range, you can also level up you lock on cannon. Yielding some interesting weapon upgrades, like the oddly out of place fire balls. Really Terra Divers biggest pit fall is it has nothing to keep you coming back for more. I mean it doesn’t even have a top score chart, that’s not only a shooter standard but an arcade standard! More over it just plain lacks personality. So why did I give it a three? Well it plays well enough, it’s pretty and has some solid co-op so for shooter newbies who haven’t played so many shooters they will probably have a lot of fun with this title.


Segata Sanshiro Shinkenyugi(sega)**-How often does a console mascot get their own game? It isn’t often that’s for sure, most of the time the characters were in games well before they were mascots. If you are unfamiliar with the segata sanshiro character that’s a shame because he’s the best video game mascot ever. A karate master who delivers swift and lethal blows to anyone not playing the Sega Saturn. He could kick Sonics furry blue ass that’s for sure. So any game starring him should be gold right? In theory yes, however in practice not so much. You see Segatas "game" is really just a collection of his TV commercials which are definitely classic and worth seeing. However to unlock those games you have to complete some of the most mind benignly difficult mini games ever. It isn’t so much the games themselves that are hard but the fact that really PERFECTION is required to unlock the ads. And forget about cheating your way to seeing them since the game has none.

A lot of the mini games are quirky and enjoyable for a time. But the way you’re forced to master these games is ridiculous since frankly they aren’t worth mastering. It’s pretty obvious they just made the ads so hard to unlock because there are only around 10 of them. So you got to deal with the beast that is inflated difficulty, she is a mighty beast and one I’ve crossed swords with far to many times before. The games are very quirky, and almost feel like a precursor to the excellent Wario Ware series of games. Really I would give the ads a perfect four but the game just isn’t fun. It may be worth getting for the novelty of it but than again maybe not. But whether you buy the game or not be sure to download the TV ads.