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Feel The Magic / rub rabbits

Postby Alienblue » July 24th, 2006, 1:39 pm

Ever have this expreiance? You just can't beat level x on a game so you put is aside for many months...then you come back and by golly, not only do you beat level X but the whole darned game!
I was stuck on the PAINTER level (quite near the end) of FEEL THE MAGIC for awhile but last night I nearly beat the game (red light came on so I hadda stop/recharge) but today I DID beat it! At last, one of my first DS games!

Feel the magic Nintendo Ds/ A
I won't go through the whole story as most here know it; it's pretty simple anyway. Boy (all the figures are a stylish black cut out type) meets girl, boy wants girl, rock group called "rub rabbits" helps boy impress girl with stunts and all goes well till the end, which I won't mention in case you have not beat it. This is basically a very large collection of cool mini-games you can unlock by beating previous games. Two cool features are you get more than one game at a time (like Painter/Monocycle) so if you suck at one you can try the other. Also, you just have to keep filling the heart meter up to 100% to advance and can play older games to do that. The cut scenes are amusing and the games are super neat, ranging from reguritating goldfish to shooing scorpions from the girls back, to painting graffiti or shouting in the microphone "ILOVEYOU!"....lots of hidden stuff like rabbit icons to find make FTM even better and the range of games make it fun for a LONG time. You'll keep coming back to play it again which is the highest praise I can give. Graphics, voice, music, sound, control and story are all A material, a DS classic!

Rub Rabbits Nintendo DS /D-
I was really looking forward to the sequal but was soreley dissapointed. The games are not as fun, there are not as many choices or hidden goodies and while the graphics are SLIGHTLY better many games seem IDENTICAL to FTM! Worse, some are near IMPOSSIBLE to beat without luck. Plus you can't choose between two or more, you just get ONE dumb chance to "skip" a game then THATS IT YOU ARE ON YOURE OWN....i reviewed this before and I STILL DONT LIKE IT! ):< If you cannot get FTM anywhere and can get RR for $10 or less, ok, otherwise stick with FTM!

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