Arcade to port review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in time (Arcade and Super nintendo)

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Arcade to port review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in time (Arcade and Super nintendo)

Postby steephen1 » August 11th, 2012, 2:01 pm

Greetings from my new personal home, I'm very happy to live on my own (without any trouble makers getting on my PC!). I was so happy I thought I'd put together this review! I hope you enjoy!

First up the Arcade version!

Review: Ahhh yes, the TMNT 4 arcade game, I played this bad boy at the pizza parlor down the road from where I used to live when it was New, bad and blue! The quality of this game is not to be denied. It is a side scrolling beat 'em up along the lines of the first game, but this game just blows it away. You can choose between all four titles, depending on where you are standing by the cabinet. Leonardo is the most balanced of the bunch, having no advantages of one ability. Donatello has the longest range of weapon, but his speed is far slower than the other turtles. Mike has the strongest attacks of the bunch, but his attacks are slower (wait, these a nun chucks, shouldn't these be faster than that big ass bow?). Raph has the shortest attack range, but he is the fastest, making him my personal favorite. Ok, on to the game play, it's *bleep*ing awesome! The combat is fast pace, and is a real challenge. There are nine stages in the game, my favorite being neon night riders, with it's fast paced, non-stop action. The stages are short and satisfying, so it won't take long to beat them. The game has AMAZING voice synthesis, which I recall being BLOWN AWAY BY, it really was almost CD quality! You hear it in the intro, before a stage, and before boss battles. The eye candy is great, the stages are colorful, and full of detail. The amount of enemies on screen sometimes is astounding. You also have a variety of moves, you can perform your own special attack, slam enemies on the ground, and throw enemies towards THE SCREEN. It really is a site to see, considering how smooth the animation is. The music is high quality, and the soundtrack is upbeat. I swear, that Neon night riders theme is SENSATIONAL. The boss battles are great, especially that fight with Tokka and Rahzar on that pirate ship! Awesome! And with four players, you'll be satisfied to the last hit!
Overall it's a great game, I'll give it an A+.
Super Nintendo version
Review: I remember overhearing a couple of friends talking about this game at a lunch table (the first year I was held back, damn you biology!). I was pretty pumped, considering how much I played the arcade game. So I made a few extra bucks doing chores in Westminster for a couple of friends. bought it from the local toy store, and played a game.

I started playing, but the challenge just wasn't there. I cranked it up to hard and changed the life count to the MINIMUM, and still, I was kicking it's ass. What happened? I like a challenge, but this game wasn't delivering. I then tried not using special moves, and still, you guessed it, the game didn't stand a chance. I tried not to let that bother me, so I played onward. For one thing, I will give the game credit for the graphics, while not as good as the arcade game, they still looked great. But after we get passed the graphics, which looked pretty faithful to the arcade game, the limitations of the SNES become apparent. The music just isn't as good, it sound's like every other SNES game out there. The only real theme I can compliment is the neon night riders stage theme, it's AWESOME. Also, while the voice synthesis is ok, it's missing for boss battles. Also, the amount of enemies on screen are just far lower, showing that weak SNES CPU. They tried adding a couple things, but they take away from the game. Neon night riders, while it has mode 7, doesn't look nearly as good in terms of eye candy, also, it's sooooo slooooowwwwwww. By the end of the stage, it flat out TEASES you, by flipping the angle back for the boss fight. Why can't I just fight like that for the whole stage, they also added this boring, pointless technodrome stage. But besides those flaws, it's still a decent beat 'em up, my friends still like playing it, they tend to enjoy the added content, and that's ok, if other people like it, that's fine. It's not bad, and the time trial mode is quite fun, and the option to switch to the comic book colors is nice. Overall, it's a nice port, but had they not been ambitious with new content, it could have been rock solid.
If you haven't been spoiled by the arcade cabinet, then by all means, bump up the grade by TWO letters.

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