Video Games Puzzles and Quizes (1983 Book)

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Video Games Puzzles and Quizes (1983 Book)

Postby scotland » April 20th, 2015, 7:14 pm

Another 1980s Scholastic book by George Sullivan.

There were lots of these kind of books in the 80s, from 1001 pickle jokes to Star Wars Jed Quiz books. I had a bunch. This particular one has , about 65 puzzles, with some being word searches or visual puzzles. How about some quiz questions. If you had this book maybe you and a friend went through these.

Here are a few questions: Remember - think 1983 - golden age of arcades, and before the US home console crash. There are a good number of Pac Man questions, but we'll save them for later.

1) Of all the enemies you face in Joust, I'm the toughest. You have to stop fighting and pick up bonus eggs in order to be able to cope with me. Who am I?

2) In Zaxxon, a homing missile is bearing down on you. You pull the trigger on the joystick and blast it - but the missle keeps coming. Its time to a) dodge by diving down b) dodge by pulling up or c) keep shooting.

3) In Donkey Kong, two barrels are cascading toward Jumpman. He should a) flee in the opposite direction b) climb up a ladder or c) jump over the barrels.

4) In the E.T. home video game, which is the most difficult pit screen to maneuver through? a) Olive pit screen b) Snake pit screen or c) Tar pit screen.

5) Unscramble this word to come up with a video game cartridge manufacturer: L O P L O A

6) Unscramble the name of this video game: M R T A U P O S E

7) One of the ghosts that appears in Pac Man does *not* show up in Ms Pac Man? Which ghost?

8) Which was the first game to feature a trak ball for a controller?

9) What game has the characters of Stiffy, Smarty, Scardy, and Silly?

and 10) What sound doess the Frog make jumping in Frogger? a) wukka wukka wukka b) plugahah plugahah or c) deedle dee dee, deedle dee dee?

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Re: Video Games Puzzles and Quizes (1983 Book)

Postby ActRaiser » April 25th, 2015, 8:44 am

hehe, thanks for posting. Okay, does anyone mind if there's a Spoiler laden reply with the answers?

I have no idea on, well, most of them.

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