Space Invaders/5200

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Space Invaders/5200

Postby Alienblue » September 17th, 2006, 6:01 am

Space Invaders-Atari 5200 (and XE) D-

Dave gave this game an A and I'm STILL scratching my head (dandruff) trying to figure out why THIS thing got and A and 7800 Pole Position 2 got an F (but then I love SUPER PAC MAN too!) For those who don't know, this game was programmed by Rob Fullop, who also programmed 2600 Missile command and Imagics DEMON ATTACK. This game has a lot in common with DEMON ATTACK. While Rob made the 2600 MC as close to the coin-op as he could, he went the other way on this one, totally ruining the SI experience. Although I LOVE the audio in this game (thump THump THUMP!), the play and graphics are muddled. Instead of using the "classic" invader styles, rob used his own ideas of what an invader should look like. At first this seems like an improvement- the first four waves have two unique sets of invaders, a different monster in each row! Cool! Well, it would be if this trend continued... unfortunately wave five opens up with a bunch of sad looking crab-type aliens AND THE SOUND IS SUDDENLY GONE! WTF?! Even worse at the end of this wave of mutating baddies (they change shape, and can only be hit in their first form) a "mothership" flies down and picks you up and-that's all folks! Yup, from here on out the game repeats THE SINGLE DULLEST WAVE IN THE WHOLE GAME! Did rob think gamers wouldn't get this far? Was he burnt out? Run out of memory? The world may never know.....
Anyway, I also have to say on the 5200 the controls are NOT spot on but tend to wobble a bit. Still, this would be worth playing if different aliens kept appearing ala demon attack. With only two waves that look decent (each repeated twice) and a long stretch of badness after that-I'll stick with the 2600 cart!

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