Giana Sisters DS (Nintendo DS)

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Giana Sisters DS (Nintendo DS)

Postby CaptainCruch » September 22nd, 2018, 8:19 am

I recently managed to pick this one up for a cheap price - considering what it's going for on eBay. It's only released in Europe, but the original DS (not the 3DS) is region-free, so it's also playable on an American DS. I never played the original on the Commdore 64 (maybe the C64 Critic will review it someday....?)

Anyway, I love this little platform game! It has colorful graphics, beautiful backgrounds (especially the snowy levels) and fantastic music by classic video game music composer Chris Hülsbeck (best known for the music of Turrican). The controls are excellent. First I was annoyed I had to blow into the microphone to use bubbles, but luckily they can also be controlled with the buttons.

I only have one complaint about this game: it has 8 worlds, and the difference in difficulty between the first 7 worlds and 8th world is way too huge. The first seven worlds are a breeze.... but world 8 is hardcore! The main challenge is to collect all red diamonds, and I still haven't finished that last world...

I recommend this game to anyone who likes classic 2D platform games. If you enjoyed Shantae and Mario you'll probably like this one too. Rating: A-

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