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Rastan III Warrior Blade

Posted: July 4th, 2019, 7:03 pm
by Zack Burner
This is an interesting one to tackle, an awesome game that never got ported to US, but thanks to emulation (which I did) I got my chance. Can you think of a medieval brawler that's more awesome than Golden Axe? Well there's the Rastan games, the first one was decent, the 2nd stank, but this Japan only game (it does have some English in it though), blew not only it's predecessors out of the water, but even stands the test of time more than Golden Axe! :D What's so great about it? Well, unlike Golden Axe, which was straightforward, you can choose which stages you got through after the first stage, and results vary depending on your performance, though the ending is the same regardless (it hinted at another game coming, but that never happened). Two stages you ride animals; a horse in one and a dragon in another, though some will be a little disappointed this one doesn't breath fire, though you can knock off other dragon riders if you press down. Gameplay wise, it feels more polished since you get more moves, though they're all the same per character. Like Golden Axe you get 3 characters Rastan himself looking his coolest not mention most powerful (my personal favorite), Sophia a babe with a whip (2nd favorite), and Dewey some dude with daggers (never cared much for this guy). You now have a few different dash attacks including a jumping dash attack, a hold move, and the throw can hurt other guys, which Golden Axe couldn't! You get a wide range of baddies to bash including some really cool bosses, among my favorites are the two headed scythe skeleton, the four headed dragon, and the statue that summons water serpents. I love the voices, my favorite is "May power be with you!", this is because you can get some power-ups such as arms of fire or lighting to a special temporary weapon such as an axe for the barbarian, a spike for the babe, and swords for the bandit. The only flaws is the lack of secrets and the same ending. Other than that this is an awesome game worth trying out.