3 Duke Nukems

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Zack Burner
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3 Duke Nukems

Postby Zack Burner » September 10th, 2019, 12:15 pm

Decided to give you guys a treat and do 3 reviews in one of the same thing Duke Nukem for the following: Sega Genesis, N64, and Gameboy Advance. Which of these three is worth your time? Let's find out!

Sega Genesis:
Yes there was a port of Duke Dukem 3D for the Sega Genesis that was only released in Brazil under TecToy, but thankfully you can play it by means of emulator, though don't get too excited. First thing you'll notice is the power that can be done to produce the FPS on a Genesis, though the graphics are pathetic since their all grainy and plenty of vertical lines. Gameplay is rather slippery in movement and more rapid than you would like. Even worse this game is HARD even on the "Piece of Cake" difficulty as enemies can kill you faster (especially the flying drones that self-destruct when in contact with you, meaning instant curtains). Best to play it on an emulator to save often. You only get a measly 9 levels including a boss level (The Overlord), though one or two levels you get an outer space segment where you float in space a bit with a space suit. The majority of weapons from the PC port are here such as boot, pistol, shotgun, chaingun, pipebomb, RPG and devastator, and so are the enemies such as lizardmen, pig cop, enforcer, octobrain, protozoid slime, drones, commanders, and the overlord himself. You can shoot the imprisoned babes, which I was never happy about. Sound is scratchy especially Duke's voice, which there are only a few samples such as "Piece of cake" "let's rock" "come get some" and "What are you waiting for? Christmas?" You only get 3 levels of difficulty, but after playing it once you'd probably not want to play it again

After that disappointment, this one feels just right, though not without some flaws. This version feels more complete with some extras including some levels from atomic edition, including the alien guardians, and a few extra weapons. The extra weapons include dumdums for the pistol, explosive rounds, and homing missles. Some weapons have been replaced such as chaingun for two submachine guns, RPG for missle launcher/grenade launcher, and freeze ray for a Plasma Cannon (my personal favorite :D ). The only disappointment is the graphics for the enemies except for the Cycloid Emperor who is rendered in Polygons, whereas everything else is like a cardboard cutouts. Thankfully Duke's famous one-liners are all here "Hail to the King Baby!"

Finally the GBA version, a short version of only 19 levels but at least there's some enjoyment here. This one is a completely different storyline as Duke travels from Area 51, Egypt, Australia, and finally an alien spacecraft. You get some classic foes but some new ones such as greys that can resurrect enemies, eggs, and crabs. You get almost all the weapons from the PC port except for the Devastator, though the chaingun is replaced by an MP5, and you get a new weapon called Lead Cannon which is a 4 barrel shotgun. You get 4 new bosses such as a rocket launching crab, armored scorpion, two headed ogre, and alien master. The sound is a bit scratch though not as bad as the Genesis version, and the graphics are just a little bit grainy. This one's the middler of the bunch

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Re: 3 Duke Nukems

Postby Sonicx9 » September 11th, 2019, 9:01 pm

Is it me, or is Duke Nukem the unofficial Unreal Engine mascot!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYE86wylPeY this music is perfect for Unreal Engine games, lol!

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