Pro Wrestling (NES)

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Re: Pro Wrestling (NES)

Postby Tron » June 26th, 2020, 11:17 pm

RDReynolds wrote:What I'd love to know is why this game has been essentially blackballed by Nintendo:

- Never any sequels or reboots despite massive love for it
- Characters never appear anywhere, especially something like Smash Bros which is a natural fit
- No official merchandise ever I believe for it

Anyone know the story here?

Very good inquiry. I want to know too.

As someone else posted “Best Wrestling game on NES and SNES”.

Star man started off as my favorite. His flying Chop was fun to do. I also liked King Slender with his easy to execute back breaker. Kin Corn Karn was fun to use once in awhile due to his unique chops and kicks. Sorry I never like Amazon or Panther. Their moves felt either cheap or weak to me. That only leaves my absolute favorite and that’s Fighter Hayabusa. His back brain kick wasn’t easy to use, but once you got the spacing and timing of it down you could use it really effectively. Fighter kicks brains! Awesome game. I loved it so much.

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