Microsoft Puzzle collection (GBC)

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Microsoft Puzzle collection (GBC)

Postby Zack Burner » July 3rd, 2020, 9:23 am

Time for another collection of Microsoft games! This one is based off a more recent collection called the Puzzle collection which had 10 addicting puzzle games. Sadly not all of them made it, Charmer, Fringer, Mixed Genetics, and Muddled Casino didn't make the cut, though having 6 is still good. The negative to this game collection is unlike the Entertainment pack you can't get out of each game manually you'd have to restart the whole game pack all over again which is rather inconvenient. Other than that hiccup this collection is good and the games are as follows:

Color Collision - direct a beam of colored energy to the matching colored suns to clear the field and goals, if you hit the wrong color you have to hit five of the same color boards to get back on track, if you hit the wrong board you lose a life. The goals get crazier as you progress.

Finty Flush - fill a 4x4 grid of marbles with patterns of marbles before you receive too many marbles.

Jewel Chase - playing a walking hand steal as many valuables before your opponent does by moving around on different colored tiles.

Lineup - in this tetris style game create lines of same colored balls before your queue fills up with balls

Rat Poker - match the same colored rodents to clear them of the area before there are too many rats.

Spring Weekend - match the mosaic in a set number of turns to advance or run out of moves.

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