Pirates of Dark Water (SNES) (2nd look)

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Zack Burner
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Pirates of Dark Water (SNES) (2nd look)

Postby Zack Burner » July 4th, 2020, 12:12 pm

I understand that the Critic already reviewed this one, but being a fan of the show and with all this hot temperatures today, I couldn't resist. To start I say this show captures the look and feel of the cartoon everyone loves, plus the control is dead on tight, you really feel like your swashbuckling the nasty pirates. I usually use Ren or Tula since they have throws while Ioz just slams. The super attacks are cool especially with Tula's ecomancer skilles and Ren's spinning kick. The power attacks are great to keep foes away. I will admit that the most annoying of enemies are the tattoo man and the big pirate for their blocking and belly attacks respectively. The music is cool and I like the sounds of the characters. I do admit the action gets harder as the stages progress and the long levels kind of dampen the fun, but I like this game.

Fun fact: The show had a broad range of celebrities voicing the characters. To start the protagonist Ren was voiced by George Newburn of Father of the Bride fame, Tula played by Jodi Benson (the same woman who voiced the mermaid Ariel), and Ioz by Hector Elizondo. But the villains steal the show, Bloth was voiced by Brock Peters of To Kill a Mockingbird fame, Konk voiced by the great Tim Curry, and Mantus voiced by Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime!)

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Re: Pirates of Dark Water (SNES) (2nd look)

Postby VideoGameCritic » July 4th, 2020, 7:59 pm

That's for taking another look at this and providing the background info. I love seasonally correct games!

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