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Robot Wars (Europe GBA)

Posted: December 11th, 2020, 11:51 am
by Zack Burner
To coincide with another season of Battlebots, a review of a GBA robot combat game based off a British show. This one's like Battlebots: Design and Destroy, but this one takes things up to the max with a lot more options and some cool (or should I say hot!) secrets such as the legendary golden accesories which are armor, chassis, claw, and flamethrower! In addition you get a basic robot arena, and some cool arenas with hazards such as Mars where you can flip your bot to outrageous heights, and a factory where you can knock your opponent into acid, and in another lava! As if that wasn't cool enough you get some cool mini-games like pushing objects into a pit, long jump, a sprint run, and more. In combat you have basic weapons such as flippers, buzzsaws, pincers, and hammers. I tend to go with the buzzsaws as you don't have to press any buttons, just go to your opponent and cut into them. Win enough times and you'll face some real tough customers with names like Sergeant Bash, Sir Killalot, Shunt and Matilda. The only way I know how to defeat these is to knock them into pits, acid, or lava, KO is impossible with Sir Killalot, but can be done with the other ones, though good luck with that. When it comes to robot combat this is the one to go with.