Double Dragon, 7800

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Double Dragon, 7800

Postby Alienblue » February 5th, 2007, 1:01 pm

DOUBLE DRAGON / ATARI 7800 / Activision/ F-

This has got to be the absolute WORST Double Dragon (DD) game ever made for ANY system, excepting the lousy 2600 port by the same company.

Both games share the same problem. While the graphics are as good as they can be on this system...on a par with the C=>64 port and close to the NES version, with lots of detail and animation (and SUPERIOR color!), the sounds are horrible, consisting on a dozen note theme that repeats overandoverandover.... hits and punches are like static. But that's nothing compared to the CONTROLS!

Why did they even BOTHER working on all those levels with detailed graphics when even THE BEST gamers will never get past the very first stage?! The controls on the NES DD were simple; line up your characters and jump, punch or whatever. Here, you frantically try to push the joystick up; your guy just slips and slides around while the enemy EASILY lines up and kicks, hits, kicks, hits, kicks, hits...YOU'RE DEAD! Then onto the next man. This isn't a game it's a TORTURE CHAMBER!

And the worse thing is, it DIDN'T have to be this way, son! Activision's RAMPAGE controls just fine, so why is THIS so sloppily programmed!? It's utterly frustrating to see a beautiful coin-op translation made virtually unplayable.

By the way I have similiar feelings about Atari's IKARI WARRIORS; good graphics and music but poor controls. Switching to a Genesis pad has no effect. This game is KO'D from the Git-Go!

Funkmaster V

Double Dragon, 7800

Postby Funkmaster V » February 6th, 2007, 10:07 am

Ya know, F- is a grade that should be reserved for glitchy, unplayable or severly flawed games that are impossible to finish or enjoy because it is so buggy. Say what you will about the 7800 version of Double Dragon, it features all areas of the arcade game, a feat that the NES version does not. It is playable, and a good challenge too.


I can buy the Double Dragon arguement, but Ikari Warriors has some of the BEST control of a classic game I have ever played, yet the graphics are ugly. What are you smkoing today Alienblue?




Double Dragon, 7800

Postby Alienblue » February 6th, 2007, 1:00 pm

Funky masteoro... I am not, that is to say, to that which defines or is not the other but by and overly cannot seem.... *ahem*..

I don't smoke. Smoking makes me sick. Cant stand the SMELL of it. Nope, I'm a needle man all the way.

And in case you're wondering CHEMOTHERAPY medication. like, wow.

I gave it an F- for just what you said, Double Dragon is UNPLAYABLE! I cannot control it at ALL.
I agree, however, that IKARI WARRIORS.... while still hard to not nearly as bad, and has none of the awful flicker of the NES cart. B- on that one. I thought DIG DUG had bad controls, but turns out it was me; I was attempting to use coin-op patterns which don't work on the 7800 version.

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