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Spider-man/X-men Arcade's Revenge (SNES retrospective)

Posted: December 30th, 2020, 1:51 pm
by Zack Burner
Time to look back at a brutally difficult old SNES game with superheroes. How well does this game hold up despite the brutal difficulty? Well yes and no at the same time, depends on the characters you play as. Spider-man has basic but effective play of web shooting and slinging, plus ability to climb walls, but strangely not ceilings, and the spider-sense only happens when you're near a bomb or a supervillain, of which there are four he must face: Shocker, the bat guardian (whose name keeps slipping my mind), Carnage, and Rhino. Wolverine is a cool play with the ability to sheath/unsheath claws, in fact if you sheath the claws and you're hurt you slowly regain health just like in the comics, though your punches do less damage. He squares off against Apocalypse and Juggernaut. Storm gets underwater levels and her health meter are bubbles which you can regain by either reaching the surface, or finding an air pocket. She shoots lightning bolts, and tornados. She's fun to play as. Cyclops is less fun as he usually gets one-hit deaths, though at least his gameplay is simple yet effective, jump, punch, kick, and eye beam, he squares off against Master Mold. Gambit is also less fun despite the effective gameplay with one-hit deaths, only this time, he has to outrun a giant buzzsaw! He can throw cards and squares off against a giant version of Selene. The music is quite good, my favorite themes are Spider-man's, Wolverine's, and Storm's. The graphics do the job well. According to Wikipedia, the production was crazy, including development teams being at each other's throats, Acclaim threatening ligation for another. No wonder this game was an uneven mess, though there is still some charm from playing this.