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Super Empire Strikes Back (retrospective)

Posted: January 1st, 2021, 11:42 am
by Zack Burner
With January here, time for another retrospective, this time the sequel! The movie is considered one of the greatest films of all time, so does this game match the might of the movie? Yes and no at the same time, but better than the predecessor. Everything has improved a bit here, but this time the difficulty is through the roof! No joke, especially in the Snow Speeder stages and the Carbonite Freezer boss fight, and especially Darth Vader himself at the end. The cinematics look and move better than in the first, and the sprites are better animated as well. There are more stages, and there's a password feature which eliminates some frustration, some. In the first you get to choose your hero in certain stages, but here it's fixed for you. Some stages you play as Luke, some you play as Han until he gets frozen, and some you play as Chewie, but this time every character has special abilities along with strengths and weaknesses carried over from the predecessor. Luke now have force powers, but only some of them are useful such as heal, freeze, levitation, invisible, and saber. Han can now throw grenades for additional damage, just don't get too close. Chewie can now spin which deals damage and renders you temporarily invincible! There's the obligatory vehicle stages with snow speeder, X-wing, and cockpit view of the Millennium Falcon as well. You get more vocal samples such as Yoda's famous line, "Do or do not, there is no try", but Darth gets his famous quotes such as "Impressive" "The Force is with you Young Skywalker" and "You're too easy..." Purists will slam the game for having one pivotal story moment taken out: Darth cuts off Luke's hand and reveals that he's Luke's father. Other than that gripe, this one's more fun and holds up better than the predecessor.