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Games Explosion!-GBA

Postby Alienblue » February 8th, 2007, 1:22 pm


This is a game COLLECTION, as opposed to a COMPILATION of liscensed arcade or home games. We've all seen these before, mostly on five dollar PC CDs; in that case there are around 30 or so freeware, shareware and demo games on the disc. Because of the cheap cost, we don't expect a whole lot from these things. Most collections are bad, some are acceptable, very few have more than 2 really good games.

I found this GBA cart in the bargain bin at Wal*Mart for $12. I felt like I was buying a $12 lottery ticket. The games LOOKED like they could be fun, but of course no real way to tell before actual or lose? I gambled. And suprisingly, I won!

Compared to most "collections", the 16 games on G:E are , mostly, pretty decent. No, they are not stand alone material. Most can be considered somewhat expanded mini-games. Some could be written on an 8-bit compuer in BASIC, ALL are derititive of other games. But there's some fun to be had here. I won't rate all 16 games, but some of the better ones are:

SPACE SHOOTER - the title sez it all. Standard Space Invaders, but with GALAGA 90 level background graphics/sound. You get different invaders and bonus sheilds and weapons, plus a cool star trek "star warp" effect. VERY good invader clone!

NEON SQUARE - this is just PONG. But it's a very GOOD Pong!

PIPE MASTER - very cool adaptation of PIPE DREAMS! This is a very addictive puzzle game.

AVOIDER - this is a watered down version of BUSTER BROS. , with the generic robot figure (used in several games on here) shooting bubbles that break into smaller ones. Sadly, no prizes or power ups and only 2 backgrounds-gets dull fast.

WAREHOUSE MAN - Another great Puzzler, this time a copy of BOXXLE or BOXY BOY or BOXED IN (this game appeared on SEVERAL consoles). Move crates onto colored spots, collect coins. I like the graphics of a bulldozer and nice music!

PIZZA MAN - The teaser graphic makes you think "pac man" but surprise!- this is actually a very good version of TAPPER, only here you are an alien serving pizzas to robots. Complete with prize bonuses and power ups!

CRAZY BOWLING - I like video bowling and was looking forward to this; sadly, while it has great graphics, the "meter" system is too complicated, forcing you to take location, speed and spin all into account. I just want to position the ball and shoot!

DARTS - ok, but could be better. A cursor randomly moves over the dart board, yet you have only 10 seconds to shoot! Too random.

Other games are varied; Sudoku is good if you LIKE Sudoku (I don't), tictactoe is filler, ice jumper and McRudolf have lousy controls-why DIAGONAL!?...Blackjack, Eliminate (Mastermind), Music pop, and Checkers are all ok and round out the collection.

If you can find this GBA cart for $15 or less, I would deffinitely reccomend it for those of you who enjoy mini games or quick score-based games like we USED to play in the early 80's. None of the games will wow you, but collectively they are well worth the time and money. The GBA market can use more good bargains like this!

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