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Gamestick console review

Postby BlasteroidAli » May 25th, 2021, 9:24 pm

4 or 5 years after the demise of this download only console I got it working again. It was going to be the next super system. I was going to blow the Xbox1 and the ps4 right out of the water. You could play mobile games on you tv via a system that was so small it fitted onto a stick!!
All lies of course. It had a couple of goodish games back in the day but was nothing to write home about. Atrocious joypad that felt awful and your hands and chronic oversteer on it.

So 5 or maybe 6 years after it was last plugged in I put it on again. Just like the last time it took half a hour to get it working. The battery had went on the controller so the only way I could control the system was by plugging it in to a charger. Then I got it working. My 20 games were still on the system. Amazing... well not quite.

So I started playing the games. Mostly they looked like early ps2 titles or late ps1 games. Then came the famous joy pad control issues. It only every worked on one half the room and you needed to be about 2 meters away from the mega console for it to work. So I played it for 40 mins, then it reset itself playing boulderdash, then it did the same playing pacman.

On the whole very disappointing. I can see why this British android console Sank without a trace. The Sega CD and the 32x played way better than it.
Nice idea but bad execution marred this short lived console. If you see it second hand do not buy it.

Games tested
pac man tournament edition. Did not work
Asteroids 2012 worked but was very slow
Final Freeway aka Outrun. Good.
Boulderdash only worked for a minute.
retro games. fun for 5 mins each.

D if you got the console with 20 games on it.
F- if you tried to buy it new today as it would not work.

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