Double Dragon Fists of Rage (Freeware PC)

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Edward M

Double Dragon Fists of Rage (Freeware PC)

Postby Edward M » March 3rd, 2007, 11:48 pm

This is an extremely obscure game by a French freeware company calling itself Konamg(Gee what does that remind you of?)  Anyways this game is a fan made Double Dragon game that actually matches the quality of the real games.   I've played many fan made games.   They always have severe problems.   They never match the quality of the original games.    That is why I was shocked with the quality of this game.


I'll start with the gameplay.   It feel just like the arcade Double Dragon.   It does not feel "off" like most other fan games.   And infact in some ways it is better than the offical double dragon games, and allow me to speak on that first.


I have to talk about the level design of this game.   This game has some of the best level design of any beat em up I have ever played.   This game is full of buildings to climb to the top , pits of doom to knock your enemies into, and tons of stairways.  Also, there is an awesome street level where you can knock your enemies into moving cars.  Overall the levels remind me alot like the levels of Double Dragon 2 for the NES, but these levels are actually better.  There are just traps everywhere that you can knock your enemies into. 


The controls for this game are spot on.   It feels just like the original Double Dragons and it has all the moves.   A punch button and kick button.  Push them together to jump.   You also get that awesome spinning kick move when your power is charged.   There are all kinds of weapons, and they all work great.  But there are some problems.   When you enter a new room your weapon disappears. Also I can't figure out how to drop weapons. Also the grenades are worthless.   They have a long fuse, and the enemy generally picks them up and throws them back at you before they explode.  The problem is, when they throw them back you, the counter restarts, so the grenades almost never explode. 


Another great thing about this game is fall damage.  Ok I bet you think I'm out of my mind saying that.  But this game makes fall damage work. Not only does fall damage effect you, it effect the enemies. There are a ton of stairways that you can knock your enemies down.   The further down the stairway they fall, the more damage they take.   I can't think of any beat em ups that did this, so this is certainly great.


I got to speak about the graphics.   The graphics work but are not exactly great.   They are certainly better than the NES games, but not quite up to the arcade standard.   The problem is, the textures are really low res, and it gives everything a bland look.   It has the look of an early 90s lucas art aventure game with all its low res textures.


The sound on the other hand is fantastic.  All the songs in this game are MIDI remixes of original Double Dragon and they all sound fantastic. 


This game includes multiple Difficulty settings and a two player mode.  I would recommend starting on easy, as this can be a hard game towards the end, and your 10 lives will go quickly.  I cannot comment on the two player mode, as I haven't played it but its good to know its there.


Overall, this is a fantastic beat em up, which is actually better than most retail games.  Hell its better than some of the double dragon games, especially in the level design.   And best of all, it is free.  For any beat em up fans this is a must play.   If you want more Double dragon this is where to go.


+Awesome levels

+Feels like an authentic Double Dragon Game

+multiple difficulty setting and two player

+Great remixed music

-so so graphics

-a few glitches



Final Grade  B+


To download the game click this link


I know the webpage is in French, but don't worry, the Game is in English.   Scroll to the very bottom of the page for the Double Dragon game and click Double Dragon 9.5 MB to download.


I will try to review more Freeware games as I get the chance.

Paul Campbell

Double Dragon Fists of Rage (Freeware PC)

Postby Paul Campbell » April 4th, 2007, 12:46 pm

Wow.  I had no idea there were freeware games like this out there.  Thanks for bringing it up.  I'm excited to give it a try.

Actually, I do know that there are alot of Zelda clones for PC out there.  Played any of those?


Double Dragon Fists of Rage (Freeware PC)

Postby Alienblue » April 5th, 2007, 7:29 am

Can anyone reccomend any good freeware games or game sites for the MAC? Games and getting on here and WP are about all my Mac can do anymore, anyway!


Double Dragon Fists of Rage (Freeware PC)

Postby EdwardM » April 5th, 2007, 8:18 pm

[QUOTE=Paul Campbell]Wow.  I had no idea there were freeware games like this out there.  Thanks for bringing it up.  I'm excited to give it a try.

Actually, I do know that there are alot of Zelda clones for PC out there.  Played any of those?


I'm not too kean on the Zelda Clones, but I do know that Zelda Classic is getting lot of attention.

It is not exactly a fangame like the double dragon game I reviewed, its a port of Zelda for NES.  You can either play it in the original graphics, or you can use it's upgraded graphics mode and it looks more like Zelda for SNES.  I prefer to play the original Zelda to it, as this just feels "off," but some people like it.But don't get me wrong, its a quality product, but I just haven't really spent any time with it.

 It has a Level creator, so there are probably some good fan created modules out there, but I don't know which ones are good, because I haven't tried them. But here is a list of the top rated modules for it though.

Theres a megaman one, I gotta try that!

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Double Dragon Fists of Rage (Freeware PC)

Postby bluemonkey1 » April 8th, 2007, 11:17 pm

Paul you should check out Beats of Rage then.  Litterally dozens of mods for it too.

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